Day 2276

Day 2276 Sunday December 3rd 2023 Salisbury Market Square/Salisbury Christmas Market   I was supposed to play two hours – from 2-4, but Sally the organiser, contacted me the day before to ask if I could start earlier due to the two blokes who were on before me, cancelling their spot from 12-2, so I said I’d get there for… Read more →

Day 2270

Day 2270 Wednesday November 22nd 2023 Winchester High Street   Dean Dyson is at the Buttercross and there’s the bloke with his cap and scarf mobile at the crossroads, almost on the spot outside Starbucks so I opt out for a spot across from that, which, thinking about it, I’ve never been before.    Two old regulars – a couple,… Read more →

Day 2265

Diary Of A Busker Day 2265 Tuesday November 14th 2023 Southampton city centre   Down near Bargate there seems to be a circus and Christmas market being set up: there’s a constant noise like a generator and a forklift truck which starts beeping when the bloke puts it in reverse. I’ll see how long I can bear it!…well, I bore… Read more →

Day 2255

  Diary Of A Busker Day 2255 Friday November 3rd 2023 The Buttercross Winchester   Due to incessant rain, I haven’t been out since doing 2 1/2 hours in Southampton on Monday but I need to brush up for the market at Salisbury on Sunday; One of the organisers – Sally Edwards, took my card a few weeks ago and… Read more →

Day 2253

Diary Of A Busker Day 2253 Friday October 19th 2023 The Buttercross, Winchester.   Another day of intermittent rain, so I get out while I can. I’m not looking forward to the plane trip tomorrow; I think I’m going to snuff it, so I thought I’d try and get out and do one last entry. During the first number, Albatross,… Read more →

Day 2238

Diary Of A Busker Day 2238 Tuesday September 26th 2023 Salisbury Market and Fish Row   It’s Tuesday in Salisbury which means Market Day and I set up next to that bloody horrible concrete platform in the corner. I’ve got The Ox Row and a load of other eateries on my right and a load of other eateries in front… Read more →