Diary Of A Busker Day 181

Diary Of A Busker Day 181 Thursday November 17th Winchester High Street (1. opposite Vodafone, Time: 12:15-2:15pm, 2. opposite O2, Time: 2:42-3:42pm, 3. opposite Clarks, Time: 5:15-5:31pm, 4. opposite Vodafone, Time: 6-6:30pm).

       Another day when I’m able to play for two hours without having to stop and warm my hands up. And it’s another slow start – 20 minutes before my first “customer” – a man gives me 50p. Just before he comes along, two ladies walk by as I’m playing Albatross. One stops – and about time too, I think. She says, “Who did that?” “Fleetwood Mac”, I say. “Oh yes, of course!” she says and wanders off with her friend – no money, which really annoys me. Then my man comes along. I’ve seen him a few times recently – don’t know his name. About 80, wears a flat cap.  After he gives his 50p, I ask him how he is. “I’ve come from Ashurst – just for a cup of tea!” “Really?” “I’ve lost my wife, my kids are in France. I’m all alone. I don’t know, I look at my watch – it’s half past one, and I think “Is that all?” – I can’t wait to go to bed!” “Oh right, um…and I suppose you’re retired now?” “I retired more than twenty years ago!” He says all this quite cheerfully, though – more frustrated than depressed, I think. “I’ve got nothing to do.” I try to think of something to say. “Hm…what about learning the guitar?” He just shakes his head and starts to move off. “…or maybe meet another lady”, I say (I can’t think of anything else – learn the guitar, meet a lady!) “Eh? No – they don’t come up to my standards!” “Oh well, fair enough!”, I say.

     I go home but come into town again, as my folfs want to see some people performing on a stage set up near Debenhams – there’s abig “do” on, as this is the day they turn on the Christmas lights – some ex X-Factor blokes (Beyond 4, I think) are doing it. There’s alot of people about, mainly couples with young children, and teenagers – not many old people (the ones who know my songs!). Still, I do OK. What happens – if I’m lucky – is this: a couple passes, the child points to me and wants to stop. So there are three people watching me. Another child/parent(s) see the three watching – the child wants (demands) to stop, too…and so on. It doesn’t happen often, but at one point I’ve got three lots of parents/babys-toddlers in front of me. I thought there was going to be four lots, but they walked by without stopping, although I could tell their kid wanted to.

Earnings: £47.67p.

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  1. Kelvin
    29/11/2011 at 11:12 PM

    Enjoy life gently but to its fullest extent, never have excessively high standards, they’re debilitating and useless , there are great pleasures to be had from the full gamut of life’s experiences, and most importantly, the smallest of everyday incidents. Obviously that poor chap hasn’t been reading your diary.

    What about some busking and reports from India – or am I too late?

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