Diary Of A Busker Day 225

Diary Of A Busker Day 225 Wednesday April 18th Winchester High Street (opposite O2, Time: 2:53-4:13pm).
A windy day – with rain, which keeps stopping/starting, starting/stopping… There are no other buskers out today (I don’t blame them) so I can go anywhere I want and as I want to keep all my stuff as dry as I can, I head for the covered stretch…but just before I do, I see Alan, the friendly street cleaner, formerly working for Hampshire Council, now for the McDonalds Corporation – his cart says “I’m lovin’ it!” in big letters, which really amuses me. I need to get a photo of Alan for my album and he’s happy to let me take one. During the “shoot”, Alan dispenses his thoughts/philosophies on life – “There’s no point thinking about far ahead, I just think about today…I think I’d like to die from lack of breath! I’ve seen so many other people I know go – heart attack, just like that…in my house there’s only one boss, only one person who wears the trousers – my wife! My philosophy is preservation not confrontation!” I step back a few feet and get a photo of Alan holding my guitar case but when I see it back, I can’t see his face too well – no good, as his face – with all the lines, is very individual and you can only get a true picture of his character by REALLY seeing it, so I get another one, close up, which he’s happy with.
I get another regular’s photo – Jeremy, who works at the hospital, something to do with the radio, I think. I took him before but the picture vanished. Jeremy’s a bit harder to please than Alan – he’s not too happy when he sees the photo – “Oh dear, I see i’ve grown a pair of breasts! Can you do another one? – perhaps over here…” – he goes just under the covered bit, where it’s darker).
The money’s a bit under the hourly average, which was what I was expecting, with the rain…so I was relieved (and lucky) to sell one of my cds of my original music – for £7, to a 58 year old, rather large American man, who’d been taking pictures of me (now it’s my turn) from the bench opposite. I finish with, somewhat confusingly – Here Comes The Sun, followed by (far less confusingly) The Rain Song. As I’m walking up the street, on my way home, a local and occasionally friendly Drongo passes me – “This rain doesn’t do us any favours, does it?” he says.
Earnings: £17.79p. (including the cd sale)

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