Diary Of A Busker Day 230

Diary Of A Busker Day 230 Friday May 4th Romsey (The market, Time: 11:27-12:37, 1:12-1:44pm).
Back at Romsey for the first time in a long time I say hello to Bertie the flowerman and get his photo – standing with his mate Darren, who runs one of the other stalls. I tell them about my ‘historic’ encounter with Duck Baker on Tuesday. Bertie’s never heard of him. Darren has though – and is quite impressed. He says he heard him on a BBC radio show not long ago. While we’re talking, Bertie’s phone rings…after he hangs up, he says “That was Duck Baker.” Funny guy.
It’s another grey day and by Romsey standards, surprisingly slow. A lady comes up, contributes then, leaning into me, says “You could be out mugging old ladies!” I’m quite offended by this – obviously not enough that I want to give her her pound back, but…really! I say “No – I COULD NOT! Do I look like someone who would mug an old lady – or anyone?!” It’s as if I was on my way to do just that but happened to find this guitar here, and (miraculously) taught myself to play all this stuff immediately, then thought “No, on second thought, I WON’T find an old lady to mug, I’ll stay here and play this guitar for a bit.” After just over an hour I take a break and decide that if, after counting my money, if I’ve cleared £20 (after taking off the £6.10 bus fare), I’ll go home. However, when I do this, during my snack at the front of Romsey Abbey, I find that I’ve made only £11, so I decide to do another set. On walking back to the market, I pass some more pavement inscriptions – they’re all over this place. One says: DUST DOWN YOUR SHADED,FADED EYES
‘The spring air is a promise for all’? – It’s freezing! Back on the ‘beat’, one of the market men tells me about a group he was in years ago – “The Outer Limits, they were called, and they WERE! Couldn’t have picked a better name! They ere alright, though. Only had three chords!” he chuckles. After half an hour playing, I decide to pack up. I’m not in the ‘mood’ for it today and I think I’ve got the £20 now in the bucket. However, on my arrival back home, I find I was way off. For the second set I must have got only £2.50 – that’s for 30 minutes. Not too good. A bit of a waste of time. Romsey – you let me down. I may be some time returning.
Earnings: £13.41p.

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  1. 18/01/2016 at 11:49 AM

    I found Romsey a dead loss for trade when selling my Spanish food (www.lacalacatering.com). Winchester was far far better, but I guess you already know that. Shame though, as someone who lives in Romsey it would be great to hear some music. Contact the organisers of the Beggars Fair if you haven’t already, the town comes to life!!!

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