Diary Of A Busker Day 249

Diary Of A Busker Day 249 Wednesday June 20th Winchester High Street (1. opposite Oxfam, Time: 2:30-4:01pm, 2. opposite Bellis, Time: 4:30-6:15pm).
An old regular appears and I can’t remember his name – and he’s in my photo album! I’m sure it begins with ‘W’ – “It’s um…Wally, isn’t it?” I know it’s something like that but I’m sure it’s not that. He says yes but sort of vaguely. A girl wearing a very short skirt walks by – “They’ll be showing their bare arses in twenty years” he says. “With any luck, eh?” I say. Across the road, where the entrance to the Reflex shop was, there are two workmen drilling and sanding big bits of wood. They’re making alot of noise, especially when the bloke switches the electric sander on. When he does, I stop playing – there’s no point. ‘Wally’ looks at the helf-demolished shop front – “What’s that going to be – a brothel?” What? In Winchester? You’re joking! ‘Wally’ says he’s going over the road to a charity shop and waves goodbye. As he disappears into the shop, I remember his name – Walter, not Wally. He took it well, though – if my name was Walter and someone called me Wally I’m afraid I’d have to correct them straight away.
Later on, at the other end of the road, Otto’s in town – and back to looking really rough again. I watch him walk/stagger up towards me and wonder – what’s going to happen now! He goes easy on me, though – “y’know any Marvin Gaye?” – which is a change from “y’know any: rock ‘n’ roll/Chuck Berry/Jimi Hendrix”. But, no – sorry. Halfway through, a young mother sits on the bench holding her baby – who seems happy enough, and who looks at me now and again while she’s been bounced about. After an hour they leave and I think – that’s a bit mean – she could have given me something. A few minutes later she cmes back and asks if I’ve got change for a ten pound note. Sure – what would she like? She wants eight pounds back. “Anyone who can stop my baby from crying is good by me” she says. (So I WAS serving a useful purpose, after all) “Oh, that’s good. She enjoyed it, did she?” “Yes, she was going to clap when you finished every song but no one else did, so she didn’t!” “Ahh” I say, then, to the baby – “never be afraid to clap.”
Earnings: £30.57p.

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