Diary Of A Busker Day 251

Diary Of A Busker Day 251 Sunday June 24th 2012 Winchester High Street Opposite where Reflex used to be Time: 5-6:27pm
Another spur-of-the-moment-late-Sunday-afternoon session. I was going to set up at the crossroads but the ice-cream vendor is there, just opposite to where I usually play. Sometimes I don’t like to inflict myself on people who are outside all day. It’s different with the people in the shops as it won’t be nearly as loud. So I’m going to spare him and head further down. It’s not a bad day; no clouds so no rain…and I get a fiver from a lady. Another lady who’s been sitting across the road at one of the Maison Blanc tables buys a CD, which is always a good thing. Another good thing is that no one comes up to have a long conversation, thus depriving me of valuable playing time (and paying time), although there are a small number of songs I’m able to play while having a conversation, mainly The Third Man and Albatross, two of the biggest earners, fortunately.
A bunch of adults and children tie a dog to a small bollard on my left and go into the new trendy and posh Jamie Oliver restaurant, Union Jack’s, which is next door to the place I’m in front of, C & H Fabrics. This dog looks like a docile one, which is good, as I have fresh memories of the barking/snarling one I encountered in Reading earlier in the week. After looking at me for a couple of songs, it lies down and goes to sleep. A few songs in, five kids – one girl, four boys – come out of the restaurant and the girl says, ‘We really loved your James Bond!’ ‘Really? you know James Bond? You know the films?’ ‘Oh yeah, we watch all of them!’ ‘Right…so which one’s your favourite?’ She doesn’t have to think about it – ‘Octopussy.’ ‘Really? You know who plays James Bond in that one?’ ‘Um…no.’ ‘Because there are a few James Bonds, you know.’ Silence. I inform them – ‘It was Roger Moore.’ Silence. I decide against pursuing the “Sean Connery/Roger Moore – who do YOU prefer?” endless debate. They don’t care. I suddenly think how nice it would be to have a photo of some young people in my album as they’re all 80 year old men, as it stands! Of course, in England, no one’s allowed to take pictures of anything these days, especially children…and especially if they’re not your own. But I don’t care and I put it to them and yes, of course I can take a picture…with the dog too; he dog definitely has to be in it. They write their names down on a bit of paper, including the dog’s. The girl, Olivia, does this as the dog’s name is one I can’t understand – Groomow, it appears to be. So, there’s Olivia, Groomow and the boys are Fredo, Archie, Fin and Rory. Some are in the same family, the others are friends. Then someone comes out to say their food is ready so I say goodbye and tell them I’ll play Bond again before I leave. I give them twenty minutes to have their meal, then play it and they all come out again for another chat.
Earnings: £17.97 + 1 CD

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