Diary Of A Busker Day 272

Diary Of A Busker Day 272 Tuesday August 21st Winchester High Street (1. opposite Vodafone, Time: 2:46-4:05pm, 2. opposite Oxfam, Time: 4:20-5:42pm).
Looking for a place to set up, I come across Frank, just up from the Vodafone spot. He’s standing in the middle of the street, looking up. I ask if he’s alright. “Yeah, just seems quite difficult warming up today – playing, y’know.” “Hm, just one of those days, eh?” I say, and I ask if he’s going to set up here. No, he’s going up to The Buttercross so I set up/start up…and ten minutes later he walks past me. There must have been someone up there.
Almost an hour in, a young bloke who’s been chatting to the ice-cream lady across the way, comes over. I notice he’s carrying a violin case so I ask if he wants to busk here. No, he actually plays the guitar. So why the violin? “My mum said I wouldn’t be able to learn it, so I’m going to prove her wrong. I’ve never played a vioin before!” I wish him luck and tell him about when I took some violin lessons at school – my arms couldn’t hold it up for more than two minutes, they got so tired and started to hurt, I had to give up! He then starts talking about bands and asks if I’d like to have a ‘jam’ session with him sometime. This forces me to launch ito my ‘hearing damage means I can’t play in groups anymore, even duos, in fact it sometimes gets too loud just with me and my little amp’ part of my ‘hard luck story’. He seems a nice lad – ony eighteen…but sorry, that’s not for me. Again I wish him luck with his violin, and his mum.
I end up down the road, opposite the ‘posh’ Maison Blanc for a rather quiet hour and twenty minutes. In fact it’s so quiet, that, although there were a few outside tables that initially required my ‘entertaining’, by 5:15 there’s no one there! I carry on for a bit and watch a local Drongo go around the deseted tables, taking the sugar sachets from the condiment bowls.

Earnings: £25.03p

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