Diary Of A Busker Day 276

Diary Of A Busker Day 276 Thursday August 30th Winchester High Street (1. opposite Oxfam, Time: 4:13-5:21pm, 2. opposite Bellis, Time: 5:30-6:45pm).
Guy and his tweedle-dee folk ensemble (three of them today) are at The Buttercross, young Sam’s at The Crossroads, so I’m down in front of C & H Fabrics…and the totally inapropriate, out-of-season Xmas window display is gone – they’ve put something else there. Maybe some people went in the shop and said something.
The other day, a man pushing a disabled boy stopped in front of me and they were there for quite awhile, before the man put a coin in the bucket and they left and I remember thinking, “I should have given him a cd, the poor kid. He might have liked it.” But I didn’t. Today, another person pushing a disabled child – a girl, stops and this time I make sure to remember and that’s my good deed for the day.
After an hour, I move up the road and receive a compliment, at least I think it’s a compliment, from a tall, white-bearded man I see almost every day out here. Not quite a ‘paying’ regular, as he very rarely contributes to the cause. He says “It’s a funny thing but the only time I feel mellow is when I walk by you when you’re playing.” Mellow – what a nice fellow. I’m not sure if ‘mellow’ is how I’d describe a bloke who I notice has been standing or rather swaying in one spot for most of the set, near a wall of a shop on the other side of the street, diagonally opposite from me. At several points his swaying is so gravity-defying, I’m sure he’s going to topple over, which of course he never does. He’s definately out of it on something – his eyes are either closed or half-closed. Or he’s really tired! He’s there for about half an hour and yet he never leans against the shop wall, which is something I think I’d do if I was in that state – I don’t know, maybe he doesn’t know it’s there! Maybe he can’t hear me, who knows! He looks like he’s about to go in or come out of a coma. Some of the shapes he’s making are hilarious that I can’t help laughing (with head lowered) which I feel a bit guilty about as he’s clearly not in control of anything – he might O-D-ing, or something, I don’t know. But sod it, it looks really funny. At one point, he’s bending over, arms dropped, hands almost touching the ground, his whole body swaying and I’m thinking “NoW! He’s going to fall over NOW!” but he never does! Just before I finish, he seems to gain some sense of purpose and he wobbles off…five minutes later, he wobbles by, munching on a pasty, so he’s got it together enough to say “Medium traditional pasty, please” or probably just “Pasty.”

Earnings: £19.90p + 1 cd

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