Diary Of A Busker Day 341

Diary Of A Busker Day 341 Wednesday March 20th Winchester High Street (1. corner of Monsoon, Time: 12:29-1:29pm, 2. opposite Oxfam, Time: 1:59-3:10pm, 3. opposite Bellis, Time: 4:24-5:07pm).

It’s 20 minutes before I get my first coins, making a grand total of 15 pence. And that’s after no less than 5 songs – even Albatross, second song in, fails. Very depressing. After 1 hour I’ve got about £8…but I might have got a wedding drinks party gig out of it: A lady asked for my card – it’s her daughter’s wedding. We’ll see – I’ve noticed it’s very rare I hear back from anyone I give my card to, but you never know. Speaking of drinks parties, during my second spot, Roger and Linda – whose 60th ‘do’ I played at last year, stopped by for a chat, well, about the cold and how my hands are. He wants to know so I tell him – ‘They’re OK, I was down the street earlier and did an hour, which was OK, you know – it’s been really cold the last few weeks (5 months)…if it’s below 5 degrees, I usually have to stop after 15 or 20 minutes, although if the wind’s not too bad, I can carry on, etc.’ – and I DO carry on, for another minute, as I can tell they’re really enjoying it. Ha. At the end of the rant, Roger says ‘OK, well, good to see you…bye!’ I bet he won’t do that again.

Later on, at the same place, someone who hasn’t stopped to chat for ages – Anthony. And he’s onto the same, weird, doom-laden thing he was going on about that day last summer at the corner of Marks & Spencer. Or was it the summer before…?! ‘…the resurrection…the Vatican and Berlin coming together again like they did the last two times.’ ‘Eh?’, I say. Anthony – ‘The Vatican and the Nazis. That’s why there’s so many in Argentina’, I interrupt him – ‘I thought that was because of Eva Peron and her husband – they made a lot of dough out of getting them all out of Europe, to Argentina.’ ‘Yes, well, it’s happening again – the prophecy, for a third war.’ ‘A third war?’ ‘Yes, a third world war.’ ‘Oh my goodness, I hope that doesn’t happen again’, I say. ‘It will’, says Anthony, as he walks off. I must remember to ask if there’s been any developments in his internet search for a young Russian wife, the next time I see him.

On my last set, talented draughtsman and local architectural consultant, namely Andrew Rutter, drops by – to tell me of his impending hip operation (on Saturday). ‘That’ll be good’, I say, ‘Then you won’t have to use your cane anymore.’

Earnings: £29.14p

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