Diary Of A Busker Day 364

Diary Of A Busker Day 364 Tuesday May 7th Winchester High Street (1. opposite Vodafone, Time: 1:42-3:20pm, 2. opposite Oxfam, Time: 4-4:45pm).

A man says ‘You look like Tommy Emmanuel’, after which I inform him that Mr. Emmanuel is no less than 7 years older than me, if you don’t mind. But it reminds me that although I’m doing Borsalino and Dixie McGuire, I need to brush up on his Lady Madonna/Day Tripper, which I keep forgetting about.

I see Delia – quite a relief as I hadn’t seen her for weeks and when that happens: a non-appearance/sighting of an old regular, well, I do start to fear the worst. However, here she is. She asks how the family are so I relate the son and heir’s exploits of yesterday: he and his mates were down by the river, near The Bishop On The Bridge, and they got hungry so decided to go into the pub and order some food. The pub refused to serve them so the kids phoned up the local pizza place and got them to deliver some pizzas to them outside the pub!
I notice Delia’s tied her cardigan together with a nice brooch or pin, with her name on it. She says it was a present from her 1st husband, after they moved here. She shows me a dress she bought for her great-niece, £10 from Next. It’s nice to see her again – I say she’s looking well, as she is. She says she’s a lot better than last year and as far as age goes, she ‘started counting backwards years ago’. Anyway, she’s off to get her bus – a blue one, apparently. She says she’ll wave if she sees me from it.

I notice a black beetle trotting (beetling?) about, in between my feet…half an hour later, when I’ve forgotten, I look down and it’s lying there, squashed, and I think ‘Life really IS short for some’.
After the cathedral grounds break, I pay a visit to the church in the alleyway. Not many PLEASE PRAY FOR cards up but one caught my eye – ‘(PLEASE PRAY FOR) R.I.P the girl I used to know, baby, she’s over baby, she’s over!’

At spot #2, I meet…Delia again! – always embarrassing if you’ve already said ‘See you on Friday’ an hour ago. What’s happened is – we met the 1st time at the other end of the street, then she started walking down to the coach station and would have stopped in a few shops on the way, meanwhile I’ve finished playing and have walked down and not stopped off anywhere and set up at the other end, not far from the coach station, in time to see her on the last leg of her journey. I say ‘I’m not following you, Delia!’ Anyway, she stops for another chat, of 5 minutes. It was 10 the first time. I don’t mind – I make an exception for her.

Earnings: £26.31p (+ one 20 cent euro and a silver 10p-size United Arab Emirates coin. When I saw the euro coin fall in the bucket, I DID call after the offender, but he mustn’t have heard me).

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