Diary Of A Busker Day 435

Diary Of A Busker Day 435 Friday August 23rd Winchester (1. Next to The Slug & Lettuce, Time: 1:10-3:12pm, 2. Opposite Oxfam, Time: 3:42-4:42pm).

Back to the hometown treadmill… At Vodafone there are those two young strummers in their omnipresent dark sunglasses. I can’t be bothered shlepping down to the other end to Oxfam, so I set up at the new spot, at the other end of the alley, at the back of The Butter Cross. As I’m setting up, an old guy sitting at a table seems pleased ‘someone’s going to sing and play’ – I inform him I’ll be doing only the latter. I start with Albatross, which he likes, then La Vie En Rose, which he likes even more. ‘Not too loud, I hope’, I say, which is what I always say. ‘Oh no…could be a bit more’, he says, while nodding towards two women who sat down just after I started. I think he’s grateful I’m drowning out their chat! Anyway, I’m pleased to say he does show his appreciation (in the most appreciated way) by way of a contribution, when he leaves, and, if my eyes don’t deceive me, it’s a £2 coin!

At the two hour mark, I pack up and do a quick count-up – about £20, which is OK. After my packed lunch (cheese and cucumber sandwich followed by bacon-flavoured crisp things), I head down to Oxfam, as Vodafone’s busy…and that short TINC bloke’s there today, and I don’t give a damn! – I’m only going to do an hour here – he can lump it… But it was pretty much a waste of time – I got less than a fiver.

Earnings: £25.69p

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