Diary Of A Busker Day 449

Diary Of A Busker Day 449 Monday September 16th 2013 Winchester (1. Opposite Oxfam, Time: 1:05-1:35pm, 2. Next to The Slug & Lettuce, The Square, Time: 1:50-2:35pm).

The Butter Cross is still fenced off – I don’t know what’s going on, or is about to go on with that, but there is a bloke setting up. He’s got a speaker, one of those big Irish drum things that looks like a giant tambourine, and an acoustic guitar which he’s just taking out of its case, so I let him get on with it…

…halfway to Vodafone, there are those two annoying ukelele girls…and at Vodafone, that young dark-haired strummer shouting out Wild World. And that’s not all! Further down, at Marks & Spencer, there’s Colin, who’s so loud, I can hear him well before I can see him. In fact, you can hear him at Vodafone. Maybe that’s why the young bloke’s belting it out. So that leaves only one place for me – well, two I suppose, but I’m not warming up in front of all the people sitting down near The Slug & Lettuce, so it’s down to Oxfam…

…and it goes slow…real slow…and I can hear Colin, even way down here! The only good thing is it’s not as cold as it was on Saturday. But it’s no good. After a half hour (a wasted half hour – I got about £2), I pack up and have a visit – the first in months – to the toilets through the alleyway, where I’m amazed to find the tap water a reasonable temperature: not too hot or cold! What I’m not amazed at is I can still hear Colin, ha! Back outside, I have a look to see who’s still around. Everyone is, so that leaves The Slug & Lettuce spot unless I want to go back to Oxfam…and I don’t.

I get in 45 minutes before it starts raining and I have to pack up…then, just as I’m about to wander off, it stops (of course). I did however meet a nice old couple from Swansea, or Mumbles(?), who were sitting nearby. They came up to tell me they thought I was great – ‘You made our day’ (I quote), in fact, which, I have to admit – despite the money – sort of made MY day. Anyway, once again I set out to see who’s around…and they all are, still. The thing is, I’ve got Tom for a lesson at 3:50, so I’ve only got till 3 before I have to go, and it’s a quarter to now, so I decide to go into Boots to get a photo developed, then go home. When I pay the cashier the 39p, he asks me how the weather is – a question I ask him back – ‘How is the weather?’ He says ‘Yeah, how is it? I mean, you’re sitting out there’. So I say ‘The weather’s fine, the money’s not!’

Just up from Boots, those annoying ukelele girls have been augmented by one more and they’re doing (in) Here Comes The Sun, all of them singing in unison, all at once. Of course, they’re raking it in…as is the young guy down the road…as is the bloke at The Butter Cross, so it ain’t my day, as they say, although it was nice what those people said earlier.

Earnings: £7.99p


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