Diary Of A Busker Day 462

Diary Of A Busker Day 462 Saturday October 12th 2013 Winchester (1. Opposite Oxfam, Time: 3:15-3:50pm, 2. Next to The Slug & Lettuce, Time: 4:05-5:05pm).

Things are slow down the arse-end. I give it half an hour – no, thirty-five minutes (the benefit of the doubt), then count-up: £4.40 – slightly under the average. Just after I pack up, I’m walking up the road and Mandolin John’s coming towards me. As he gets to me, I say ‘People are mean, John’, and he says ‘I know, but who can you blame? One person? Everyone?’ I say ‘Everyone – they’re just mean. I’ve made £4.40 in fifty minutes’ (wrong: I must have been thinking I started at 3 o’clock, not when I actually did, at 3:15). John says ‘I’d feel lucky if I made that. I’ve made £1.20 in two hours’. Well, now I DO feel lucky. In fact, if I HAD done the 50 minutes – as I said to him – and got the £4.40, I would have still been lucky, compared to him. A pound and twenty pence for slogging it for two hours – that’s terrible – indeed, I say ‘That’s terrible’. ‘Maybe I have a narrow appeal’, he says. Maybe so, but there’s no excuse for that: £1.20, and all the people about. I think if that was me, I’d want to kill myself, or I’d be seriously trying to find a way out of this, or out of this town…on one of these buses coming down the road…or under one.

John then asks if he can borrow 4p to buy some Rizlas, so I give him a twenty pence piece, which is mean, I suppose: I should have just given him a pound coin. In fact, I’ll do that next time I see him playing. (‘People are mean’ – indeed: me too!) At home, I told Doll how much he got. She said it was unbelievable and disgusting. Poor bloke.

Earnings: £12.66p

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  1. alex
    15/05/2015 at 10:47 AM

    Awright m8 I listened to all of your videos of you busking and I have to reiterate, you look around too much like you’re looking for approval.

    Great playing! Honestly you’d cash in in the mean ol’ States. At least you can COUNT. I swear most … ok almost all … of our buskers need to spend some quality time with a metronome.

    And what’s the deal? Your excellent playing and in all the busking vids I saw one “drop”, what the hell’s up with that? I play trumpet and not all that well really and I got people doubling back to give me a tip all the time. Your playing is a real asset and addition to the street, and if you were in downtown Mountain View or San Jose – let’s not even talk about one of our local festivals or farmer’s markets where a competent musician can make $100’s an hour – you’d get tips galore and I hope more than me.

    I can tell you take meticulous care of your guitar, so immaculate and shiny!

    I’ve just finished a sort of secret training program for myself and now I can hit high C’s and even the E above that, I feel like I just got given a weird superpower but in reality I planned my work and worked my plan and will be back out there soon. Maybe people react more to things made of brass? Maybe you need a Dobro if not a saxophone?

  2. alex
    15/05/2015 at 7:52 PM

    I want to add that most of the hotshot guitarists here seem to look in the direction of the frets, as if “I’m going a hard thing here, for you, the public, and I must concentrate”. It seems to work.

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