Diary Of A Busker Day 474

Diary Of A Busker Day 474 Saturday November 16th 2013 Winchester (1. Opposite Oxfam, Time: 2:54-4:41pm, 2. Opposite Vodafone, Time: 4:50-5:30pm).

I seem to get a load of people asking about my amp, which I don’t mind stopping to talk about IF they contribute something in the way of coinage. There was one guy who I gave a load of boring amp info to: it takes six AA batteries which last about 15 hours, but the best are Duracell Procell which last 24 hours but you can’t buy them in shops, you have to order them on the internet, etc, and at the end he says ‘Great, well…mind how you go, mate’ – “mate” – which I can’t stand. Maybe that’s why he said it. Because he knows! And he just walked off. I need to make an amendment to the sign on the bucket, something along the lines of – Will gladly answer questions concerning equipment/make idle chat AFTER donation.

I’ve resurrected Satie’s 1st Gymnopedie, but completely messed up the end when I became aware of a small group of people standing in front. The old self-conscious thing. I still need the music, so I’m looking down at that, but I can see if there’s any stationary feet and lower leg parts! It was really embarrassing, so I ditched that one and went into Chinatown. (Chinatown, My Chinatown – the song, not the place! Anyway, there isn’t a Chinatown in Winchester…there’s a Chinese supermarket, though…that’ll do!) Actually, Chinatown’s a good one to do: it’s more jumpy than the Gymnopedie, so the silly little hyper kiddies like it.

After Borsalino, a guy comes up and asks if he was correct in thinking I just played a Tommy Emmanuel song. Well, Borsalino’s a T.E. arranged song, but 20 minutes before, I’d done Dixie McGuire – which T.E. wrote, but this guy mustn’t have heard that. He then asked for Anji – The Dave Graham/Bert Jansch instrumental, not the Stones thing, but anyway he must have regretted asking, as it forced me to launch into the Focal Dystonia section of my Hard Luck Story – ‘that one’s really difficult to play as you need three good fingers, I’ve only got two, etc…’ He must have got bored with my excuse because he interrupts with ‘Well, can you play Dixie McGuire? – then I’ll go and sit over there again (the bench where he was) and listen’. So he does, and I do. I’ve been doing Dixie McGuire alot at home, so I’ve got it OK now. I just have to remember not to do it too early, before I’m warmed up – not literally, but also not too late, when the hands are too bloody cold – literally. How can I remember all this stuff?! It’s OK, although the Focal Dystonia gets in the way during the main bit.

I managed to sell a CD – an £8 one, at that! The buyer easily saw the light when it was explained that £8 for TWENTY songs wins hands down everytime over £5 for SEVEN songs. I added the usual: A full refund is issued ‘if you don’t like it’, which got the response ‘So I can listen to it then bring it back and get my money back?’

After the 1 3/4 hour spot, I was going to head home but then saw the Vodafone spot was free, so that was that. Five minutes in, Rick Tarrant drops by. He heard I went looking for him in that pub I thought he was having his birthday ‘do’ in. He now tells me the RIGHT date, which I’ve since forgotten! However, I anticipated this happening and made sure I got another of his cards off him. Rick said he was heading home as he’d done FOUR hours, and when he said that, I thought ‘Hmm…I’d better do a half-hour at least, here’, not as if there’s a competition or anything, but if Rick can do four hours, I can do a bit more before I head off. I packed in after 40 minutes, as the contributions were wearing extremely thin.

On the way out, I bumped into Jeremy, who asked how the day’d been. I said ‘OK, I think’. He said ‘So have you made £50?’ I said ‘Fifty? Oh no, nothing like that!’ So I was really surprised when I got home and did the count-up…

Earnings: £44.40p (Including 1 CD)

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