Diary Of A Busker Day 497

Diary Of A Busker Day 497 Sunday January 19th 2014 Winchester (The Butter Cross, Time: 1:32-3:32pm).

Wow! – a session right bang in front of the famous Butter Cross! I haven’t been here in months, I’m sure. All I can say is I must have been in a(n unusually) confident frame of mind…which unfortunately morphs into awful self-consciousness as soon as I start up: it really is making a spectacle of one’s self, playing an electric guitar slap dang in front of the most famous landmark in town, with loads of tourists taking photos. Anyway, right on cue, there he is – the old bloke with the 10 week bus pass from Southampton, 10 feet in front of me, like he’s just materialised: beamed down from the Starship – Weird Old Blokes.

I play two songs – Albatross and La Vie En Rose, before I give him what he wants – Blackbird. Then, another familiar weirdo: the shoe fetish bloke. But I’m not the victim today! No, it’s an old guy sitting on the bench across the way. The shoe guy has bent down so he’s almost kneeling on the pavement, and he’s lifting then putting back down the end (toe) part of this old guy’s shoe, like he’s trying to make it tap. The old guy looks on, bemused and sort of smiling. This cracks me up. I mean, the poor bloke’s obviously got some sort of fixation about tapping feet or shoes. Anyway, after a couple of minutes – I think it must have freaked the old guy out a bit – he gets up and leaves, the shoe bloke still kneeling down.

I sell a CD – two, in fact. One to an American couple who send their small son over, clutching a £10 note…but then he doesn’t say anything,  he just stands there holding the note out! So his parents come over: they want a £5 CD – that’s what they sent him over for. Well, I persuade them to fork out another £3 for the other CD. The dad says ‘His name’s Anthony. He’s got a piano, he loves music’. For what it’s worth, I say ‘Hello Anthony, so you got a piano, eh?’ Anthony speaketh not, so his dad says ‘Well, just a small electronic one’. I say ‘Well, it’s a great thing, having an instrument…you know you have to practise every day – EVERY DAY’. (Then, who knows – you might end up out here!)

A bit later, another kid, about 8 years old – whose been running around on the monument behind me, watched by his parents – he’s called over, so he jumps off, stands next to me, playing an air-guitar and thrusting his crotch – forward and back – at me. A woman walking by says ‘You’ve got competition’. I say ‘I don’t look like that, do I?’ and laugh.

After a further agonising minute, during which I go through several ways in my mind of executing the kid – all extremely torturous, I might add – he’s dragged off. A man says ‘Most people have a dog’, which really makes me laugh. Later, when I told Doll what he said, she said ‘How rude, is he calling you a beggar?’ (because they all seem to have dogs). I’m sure he wasn’t, though. I think he meant the parents. He better have meant the parents…

Song Of The Day: Blowin’ In The Wind, as it secured a sale of a SECOND CD! I can’t remember what secured the sale of the first one.

Earnings: £37.03p

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