Diary Of A Busker Day 521

Diary Of A Busker Day 521 Friday March 14th 2014 Winchester (Opposite Bellis, Time: 4:15-5:45pm).

I wasn’t going to come in today but Ollie hurt his hand so his mother cancelled the lesson – the second one this week that’s been cancelled, along with Tom and Owen’s on Tuesday, as they’ve got to study for their exams, which means I’m down £40.

It turns out OK, although it got off to a bad start: it’s five songs in before the first coinage. All the ‘hits’, as well: Albatross, The Third Man, Here Comes The Sun, Blowin’ In The Wind. I got really annoyed by some little girl, looking in the bucket, then laughing, then dancing around right in front of me while her mother was watching nearby. I think she noticed my displeasure because when the girl went to her, she was given a coin to give to me, and that was the first donation!

A striking juxtapositioning of songs was noted by Jeremy, who came out of one of the shops opposite, laughing, and waited till I’d finished Music To Watch Girls By. He said ‘That was a complete contrast – Gymnopedie, then that one’. Actually, he was half right: it was the 1st. Gnossienne I played, and none more mournful – the total opposite of Music To Watch Girls By. At least someone was taking some notice! It WAS quite a memorable switch – I must remember that pairing again.

Three young blokes sit on the bench opposite. One, an Indian guy, comes over and is about to say something so I say ‘Just wait till I’ve finished this song’, so he waits, then asks about the CDs (I would have stopped if I’d known that!) and he buys one of the £9 ones. They’re students from the university, apparently, and would like to use something for a short film. He then asks if I would be able to learn something – another song – to be put in the same film. They don’t know what, but he says he’ll contact me and send me the song*. Anyway, I gave him a card. But I was well pleased about the CD sale, without which the money would have been below the average. With it, it was above it! Yet proving once again how one CD sale can ‘tip the scales’, as it were.

Earnings: £20.02p

*I never heard back.

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