Diary Of A Busker Day 563

Diary Of A Busker Day 563 Sunday May 18th 2014 Winchester (1. Opposite Pavilion, Time: 3:17-4:47pm, 2. Opposite River Island, Time: 4:54-5:36pm).

Not one donation for 28 minutes. In fact, I was just about to pack up, thinking half an hour’s long enough to put up with this rubbish, when a kid donated, followed by an adult then another one. So I thought – ‘typical’, and decided to carry on.

Posh BrYan was at his usual spot. He didn’t speak to me this time and when I looked over a bit later, he’d gone. Ten motorcyclists turned up and parked outside the cathedral grounds entrance, a few yards to my right. They were so loud, I just stopped playing – I can’t compete with that! The drivers went off in the direction of the High Street and came back half an hour later, so I stopped again while they revved up and buggered off. They went down towards Gieves & Hawkes.

After an hour, I thought I’d pack up but after a quick count-up revealed about £15 – good for an hour – I decided to sit down again!…and then got barely anything for another half hour, which serves me right, I suppose. An hour and a half’s long enough (that Pavilion Bitch shut the door on me again), so I packed up and set up near Vodafone, just up from the usual spot. I thought I’d give the ice-cream vendor lady a break from me.

Christine walked by just before I set up. She asked if I thought I’d get some ‘stragglers’ at this time of the day: 5 o’clock, which was true, it was all there was left – the stragglers, and the odd Drongo…very quiet. It was alright, though: I must have got about £10 for just under 45 minutes – and the weather was fine. I think the weather, or rather, temperature in May is probably the best for playing outdoors.

Earnings: £29.31p (+ 40 euro cents)

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  1. Alex in San jose
    17/03/2016 at 12:27 AM

    I really need to get out “flying a sign” or some form of begging, you of course are not begging but supplying wonderful music but “street hustling” pays better than any regular job. Trust me, you’re better off learning all those chords on the guitar than any “high tech” skills.

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