Diary Of A Busker Day 579

Diary Of A Busker Day 579 Wednesday June 25th 2014 Winchester (1. Opposite The Body Shop, Time: 1:42-2:42pm, 2. Opposite Pavilion, Time: 3:09-4:39pm).

I don’t want the ice-cream vendor bloke outside Vodafone to get fed up with me, so I set up a bit further up…and it goes slow. It’s around the 7th song before any coinage, so I was getting quite depressed by it all, as usual.

Delia showed up halfway through, during The Third Man, so she told me the story she’s told me before, about the time, years ago when she was back home in Italy at the theatre bar in the interval, and she found herself standing next to Alida Valli. ‘She had a beautiful face’, she said, though she reckoned she (Alida) was ‘getting on’ by the time she was in The Third Man. She said she was really beautiful in an earlier film – Piccolo Mondo Antico (a small old-fashioned shop, or something like that, she said). Anyway, I asked Delia what she was doing in town (it’s not a Tuesday or Friday) and she said she had to go the hospital for her sciatica back problem.

Then, near the end I had a bit of luck. I sold a CD, to a lady with slightly shaky hands. She must have heard Albatross from earlier as she asked if it was on the CD. The last song was Ne Me Quitte Pas, which I couldn’t finish as I forgot the middle part. A few bars in and that was it, the mind went blank after the E major 7th chord on the 7th fret. I couldn’t get it so I stopped and packed up. Brazil was a bit better, but I’d done that near the start. Maybe the brain had reached its FULL – NO MORE INFORMATION ACCEPTED level.

When I went to the toilet, I chained the bike and took the amp off the back, which I’m now carrying around uncovered, which is OK as it’s got a handle. I think if it rains before I leave the house, I’ll walk into town and have it in the bag, like before. When I came out of the toilet, I noticed that there are trees with railings around them, all the way down the pedestrian bit, and you can see a couple of the trees from the upstairs bay window of Waterstones, where I sometimes sit with a book. I reckon I can chain the bike to one of the railings, thereby keeping an eye on it from above!

Up at Pavilion, Shirley walks by with a friend. I haven’t seen her in awhile and I’m wondering if Eric’s still alive. I don’t want to ask but I don’t have to, as she says he’s now got a zimmer frame and is progressing slowly. She says the hospital was useless so she got him to go for the therapeutic sessions, at £65 an hour! But she reckons they’re worth it.

Once again, I attempt Ne Me Quitte Pas, and like before, I can’t get beyond the exact same place! And this happens just after a couple on bikes contribute, then stand back to listen. Of course, I apologise – ‘I’m sorry, I’ve played that hundreds of times and I keep making that same mistake today – I think my mind’s gone!’, were my exact words. They say, ‘OK’. Very embarrassing. I have to stop the whole thing, then I panic because I have to think of another song to play straight away and I can’t think of one!

I eventually go into Chinatown. Also, I debuted my ‘Brazilian’ set: Deve Ser Amor, The Girl From Ipanema, and Brazil. For the last half hour the left hand was hurting a bit, so I thought I’d better head home at the end of the set. The thing is, I’d practised – mainly Brazil, for an hour before I’d come out, so that put the total playing time to well over three hours today.

Earnings: £33.67p (Including one CD)

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