Diary Of A Busker Day 587

Diary Of A Busker Day 587 Wednesday July 9th 2014 Winchester (1. Opposite The Body Shop, Time: 1:30-2pm, 2. Opposite Gieves & Hawkes, Time: 2:07-3:37pm, 3. Opposite Oxfam, Time: 4-5pm).

It got off to a depressing start. Half an hour – that’s all I could take – smack dab in the middle of the High Street, and all I got was £1.73p. While I was packing up, Mr. Rutter walked by with an old lady – his wife, I’m assuming, or a friend (not his mother – she’d be 100, at least!) He stopped to say he’d ‘just been to an amazing concert: young musicians…’ All I could think of saying was, ‘Good. Better than being out here’, and with that, he walked off, poor bloke. I must remember to control my annoyance/anger, and not take it out on old people innocently passing by and/or remarking on how good someone else is.

One of the two coinage donors was that old woman whose name I still don’t know. The one who was going on about that song – Never Smile At A Crocodile, the other day. Well, she mentions it again, and I had to listen politely as she contributed. But that was just after I started, so I was in a good mood…especially after a lady complimented me, not on my playing but on my bike! Anyway, this crocodile song’s from Peter Pan, which, weirdly enough(!), I’m not familiar with. But I said I’d try and remember to look it up.

So, after a quick getaway, I started up at Gieves & Hawkes…after Wouldn’t It Be Nice, a couple in their 60s donated, the woman saying she’d seen The Beach Boys at Hampton Court not long ago. The other day, I was looking up who was still in them, so I asked her how many of the original ones were there (of the ones that aren’t dead, of course). I said I thought it was probably Mike Love, Bruce Johnson and Al Jardine. She didn’t know, so I said that Mike Love usually wears a baseball cap, and she said, ‘Oh, I think they were ALL wearing baseball caps!’, which really made me laugh, but she said, ‘They were amazing. I was dancing like I was sixteen again’. So there you go.

I sell a CD! It’s to one of a small group of foreign language students who passed me about five times, going in and out of the cathedral grounds. It was a boy wearing dark glasses and a hoodie: an appearance which quite unsettled me, actually, but he was OK. There you go (again), you can’t tell a book… He came up during Yellow Bird and just said, ‘CD’, so I explained I’d run out of the cheaper ones and showed him the £9 ones. He gave me a £10 note and refused the pound coin change. Well, the sale changed everything. I mean, an instant £8.50p profit in the bucket! It made the day. In fact, I stayed there an hour and a half because of that, during which time Mr. Rutter walked by, ignoring me. (‘You can talk to me now, I just sold a CD so I’m happy!’)

After the toilet break, coming out of the alleyway (that sounds like I went to the toilet there), I walked past an angry man on the phone – ‘No, I don’t want YOUR people phoning ME! I want to talk to the child protection officer NOW!’ Oh dear, there will never be peace in the world…

Hour THREE – I’m being quite strict in my timings today – was down at Oxfam, where I haven’t been for a bit: June 29th to be exact, and where I was still in an OK mood, due to the CD sale. Even the buses droning by didn’t get to me like they usually do. And I had a surprise while transferring the funds from the bucket to the new coinage receptacle: a little blue-ish square. A four-times folded fiver (serious alliteration, there) – who put that in? – I’ve got no idea, but thanks anyway, whoever you are.

Earnings: £41.76p (Including one CD and a 5 cent euro coin)

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