Diary Of A Busker Day 593

Diary Of A Busker Day 593 Thursday July 17th 2014 Winchester (Corner of Monsoon, Market Street, Time: 3:20-5:30pm).

A very hot day – about 85 in the old measurement, I reckon, and so I’ve donned the summer outfit: stone (light beige) trousers and matching jacket bought from Primark about three years ago, and my white Peter England shirt from Shillong, in deepest darkest India, also about three years ago.

I feel benevolent today, so I give the ice-cream vendor bloke a break and set up around the corner from the usual spot where I’m blasting practically right at him. It’s another slow start, though: 4 songs before any coinage. And I mess up Cannonball Rag, which I’m trying to resurrect after picking up a couple of fast runs from an old Thom Bresh video I saw this morning.

The money picks up OK, though. Most of it’s from the foreign students, of which there are about a million. A girl bought a £9 CD, but she got it for £8 as she originally wanted the no longer in existence £5 one. Then, two girls walked past, towards the cathedral, stopped, had a discussion then one came back and put a £10 note in the bucket! I couldn’t believe it! She said, ‘Nice song’, and the song – or rather Song of The Day, Girl.

The man who runs the posh Woodruffs card shop walked by. In the morning, I went there to buy a card for Mother Naylor’s 79th birthday, and I picked one with a picture from 1935. Anyway, when I went to pay for it, the guy didn’t want any money from me. He wanted to give it to me because he liked my playing, and he said people have commented on it, while they’re in the shop, which is halfway between the Pavilion and Gieves & Hawkes spots. Well, I couldn’t believe it – a £2.50 card and he gives it to me. It’s a shame the off-license isn’t like that! Hmm…I hope he was telling the truth and he didn’t give it to me because he thought I was poor.

So, a good day, and made good mainly by the foreign students, and mainly the girls. When I told Doll, she said they probably liked my summer attire. Ha!

Earnings: £40.20p (Including 1 CD)

The couple selling hot dogs had a sign: GIANT SAUREZ DOG – £5 – IT’S A BIG BITE

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  1. alex in San Jose
    06/07/2016 at 7:18 AM

    First, congrats to Mother Naylor for making it to 79! My parents only made it into their early 60s.

    I tried looking up a “Suarez dog” and only found a photo of a guy biting into a hot dog with lots of salsa on it – salsa can be anything from a sort of chunky ketchup with tomatoes and some red peppers in, to what they serve at the 7-11, which is fairly finely chopped tomatoes, onions, and green jalapeno peppers, to make it plenty hot, so people don’t take too much. Joke’s on them, I put mayo on my dog then lots of their salsa; the mayo acts as a sort of “flavor amplifier” and makes the peppers really burn. For 7 GBP it’d better be a big bite …

    I went out and peddled my damned ribbons yesterday, and after much effort made just a bit under $100 but it’s a lot of work for the hundy. I also gave my leftover ribbons (a couple-few hundred of the things) and the materials I had, all to a lady who’s an activist, let her bother with the things.

    • 06/07/2016 at 7:28 AM

      Ha! a Suarez dog – Luis Suarez is a footballer who plays for Barcelona. He’s known for biting other players. He did that in a big game a couple of years ago, when the diary entry was written. So, what’s a hundy?

  2. alex in San Jose
    06/07/2016 at 7:09 PM

    A “hundy” is American slang for a hundred-dollar bill. Hundred = hundy get it? I hope I am not committing too much humor; I’m not sure if that’s legal over there.

    No one (who matters) has ever heard of Luis Suarez, lol. Anyone normal would wonder if that’s their lawn care guy.

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