Diary Of A Busker Day 604

Diary Of A Busker Day 604 Wednesday August 6th 2014 Winchester (1. Corner of Monsoon, Market Street, Time: 2:28-4:10pm, 2. Opposite Pavilion, Time: 4:25-5:45pm).

It was nice to see Madelaine after I don’t know how long: she’s certainly the most toothsome of the lot out here, that’s for sure. I said she should try Chichester as the people are more friendly there than here…although they’re probably friendlier to HER more than me!

That bloke with the white hair and moustache came by and donated after Yellow Bird, and again asked if I’d seen the film Black Narcissus, as Yellow Bird reminds him of it, and again I said I hadn’t. ‘There  are lot of demons’ in it, he said.

I got away before all the vans pulled up, and went up the road to Pavilion. At the end, I was approached by a man who said that if I wanted ‘a change of scenery’, he runs a restaurant up the High Street – Eat Drink and Bee, and I could set up outside and play amongst the tables of diners. Apparently 11 to 12 is the best time, as he gets ‘all the retail therapy and yummy mummys’ there. Now, first off, I thought ‘that’s nice of him to ask me to play at his place’, but then it occurred to me, what he’s suggesting is I play there for nothing. He said I could put the bucket out, of course. Gee – thanks, kind man. I should have suggested he might like to set up a small kitchen next to me here, and make some snacks for the passers-by. No pay but he could put a bucket out for anyone who might want to show their appreciation.

Earnings: £35.50p

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  1. alex in San Jose
    10/08/2016 at 10:09 PM

    “Yummy mummys” that’s a good one. I know what you mean. The kind of (non-gay) people who are really into brunch. They tend to like waffles and lots of sweet goopy stuff and (God forgive us) pumpkin spice.

    As far as “retail therapy” goes, there’s actually a chain of 6 or 7 shops in my general area called “Therapy” that are dedicated to just that. They say they’ll buy all the hand-lettered signs I can produce, if I ever get around to doing such a thing. They sell all kinds of trendy and “nostalgic” stuff – in Mountain View, where all the Google-ites and such fauna frequent the main street, there are two “Therapy”‘s across the street from each other! Along with a silly place called Rocket Fizz that has all kinds of candy that people liked 40+ years ago but is still being made. At Google-ite prices! Speaking as one who’s just starting their Christmas shopping at this time of the year, though, I am not a stranger to such places.

    Downtown Mountain View is weird anyway. It’s the kind of place where someone on as short a financial leash as I am can end up eating next to, and talking with, the gal who designed the Ebay user interface and get to tell her how awful it is!

    And there are such thing there as buskers who get paid a bit to play in front of a certain store. Not much, maybe a $20-spot, but it’s something and adds up along with the tips.

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