Diary Of A Busker Day 633

Diary Of A Busker Day 633 Friday September 19th 2014 Winchester (1. Opposite Bellis, Time: 5:53-6:14pm, 2. Opposite Pavilion, Time: 6:22-6:52pm, 3. Opposite Oxfam, Time: 6:58-7:20pm).

I would have come out earlier but I decided to change the bike tyres, as the new Raleigh Record whitewalls arrived this morning! The old tyres were really wearing down, especially the rear one, with the amp on the rack and me with the guitar on my back. The tyres ain’t the only thing wearing down: it’s a shame Raleigh don’t do replacement backs.

Anyway, 1st stop – The Butter Cross. Not many about so I packed up after 20 minutes and £2.50p. Not very good but worse was to come. Around the corner I played for half an hour and got a solitary pound. There were plenty of people, though. In fact, all the restaurants had around 20 sitting outside, and there was The Eclipse down the road, as well. So, to my left, right, and front, quite a few people, and mostly locals, I reckon, and not one came over and donated in 30 minutes. The only one who did was a guy from out of town, and I actually said to him, ‘You’re the first person to give me anything in 25 minutes’. He said, ‘Well, it’s a good sound’.

After that, I was going to go home but changed my mind on the way up to Jewry Street. I thought, ‘I can’t go home with barely 3 quid, it’s terrible!’ So I bombed on down to the other end and got about £7, including, as I found out later, some euro shrapnel from a French woman, who dumped the contents of her purse during Wouldn’t It Be Nice. I said, ‘Thank you!’ – I was so grateful. She said, ‘I am French’, so I thought I’d try out my Holiday French. I said, ‘Mercy bow-koo’, and that was it. I went into La Vie En Rose as she walked off, but she never looked back. Come on, you must know THAT one – you’re FRENCH!

After that, it got a bit dark so I packed up. My 2nd visit to Hythe, on the ‘morrow’…weather and ferry permitting.

Earnings: £10.39p (+ 13 euro cents)

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