Diary Of A Busker Day 669

Diary Of A Busker Day 669 Friday November 14th 2014 Winchester (Opposite Oxfam, Time: 1:29-3:49pm).

I’d come in in the morning and Young Sam was talking to Rob at The Butter Cross, so I thought ‘They’ll both be here for a few hours’, and sure enough Sam was at Vodafone when I came in later.

An old lady contributed 50p after Albatross. She said it reminded her of her husband, now dead, of course. She said she’d got hundreds of tapes of him playing the guitar. All I could think of saying was ‘Well, that’s the great thing – magic, even – about records, tapes…you know. When someone’s gone, you’ve got their recordings!’

Ron dropped by for a chat and a dance. Apparently they’re going to demolish the Oxfam shop across the road, and build a higher building so someone can get more people in and more rent out of it. That’s what Ron says, anyway, and he knows everything. He asks if I was here earlier. I said I would have been but I had to wait in for a jacket to arrive. He said, touching my shoulder ‘But you’ve got a jacket’. I said no, this was a dinner jacket I was waiting in for – ‘James Bond, you know?’ I thought I’d take it along on the Norwegian Jade and ‘Bond it up’ of an evening! I’ve got the matching trousers…which are not 100% matching, but I’ll get away with it in a dim evening light. Ron stayed about half an hour – he even took HIS jacket off for a twirl. That’s how mild it is.

Jeremy and Phillip came by together, which was odd, as Jeremy gets on his nerves.  Jeremy was fiddling around with some change when Phillip said ‘Oh, just give him all of it’, looked at me and rolled his eyes! Phillip looked well. He again mentioned playing – or trying to – Killing Me Softly, on that young bloke’s guitar. He said  ‘I could barely play anything. It was awful, really embarrassing. You have to play the guitar everyday, don’t you, or it’s no good’. I agreed. You’ve got to keep your hands going…and your brain!

I debuted The Stripper, which I did a youtube video of a few days ago. I hadn’t played it since because I did about 20 takes and had had enough of it! Anyway, it was OK: I only made one mistake. I think it’s not a bad arrangement: certainly not like any others on youtube, which are all a bit boring, I have to say.

After 2 hours I was going to stop, have a break and then do an hour somewhere else. But after Phillip and Jeremy stopped for a chat, I was a bit revived and carried on for another 20 minutes, which made for rather a long set. But after all that, I was getting cold and though ‘Sod it, I’m going home!’

Earnings: £25.72p

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