Diary Of A Busker Day 698

Diary Of A Busker Day 698 Saturday February 28th 2015 Winchester (Opposite Oxfam, Time: 3:42-5:14pm).

I had an incredible stroke of luck in that I sold a CD before I even started. It was to a man who’s already got the first one, and he’d come up to me a few weeks ago just after I’d got the new one done, which still didn’t have a proper cover. I’ve just written the song titles on a bit of paper and stuck it on the back. Anyway, this guy had a look at it back then but didn’t want to buy it as there was no cover at all, just the CD in the plastic wallet, but today he went for it. In fact, he was going to give me £10 for it. He said ‘Still a tenner, is it?’, and like an idiot, I said ‘No, only £8’. I think sometimes honesty definitely isn’t the best policy.

Song Of The Day: Here Comes The Sun for the second day running as it got an amazing SIX donations. Some songs you can’t lose with and that’s one of them. The thing is, if it’s raining, you can play it and people think ‘Yeah, I wish’, and it gets their attention for that very reason. And if it looks like it might be sunny, they say ‘I hope so’, like one woman donor said today. And also, I reckon it’s true, if it is sunny, people are in a better mood and are more likely to contribute. But not always!

I was coming to the end of Purple Haze when a couple of Drongos sat on the bench opposite. One of them gave me the thumbs-up so, just for him, I extended it for another minute. You lucky Drongo, you. You never can tell. After the great success of Here Comes The Sun earlier, I thought I’d do it again, near the end. The result: A donation of one solitary penny from a small child. One thing I’ve noticed, though, when this occurs – a parent giving a child a penny (or similar shrapnel: 2p, 5p) to give to me – the parent will NEVER look me in the eye, as the kid comes over. They’ll look anywhere else but. The shame.

Earnings: £23.36p (including 1 CD)

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