Diary Of A Busker Day 706

Diary Of A Busker Day 706 Tuesday March 17th 2015 Winchester (1. Opposite Vodafone, Time: 1:58-4pm, 2. Opposite Bellis, Time: 4:40-6pm).

A warm day: 13 degrees, and no one else is playing! I’ve got my pick so I go for the crossroads. A man who occasionally contributes, does so. I don’t know his name. He’s quite short, wears a hat, moustache. He requests a samba but I haven’t played Deve Ser Amor since the summer (I’ll have to resurrect that one), then he says Samba Party by Santana – he reckons I’ve played it before. I have to inform him he is mistaken. (I’ve never done anything by Santana…hell, I don’t want a heart attack out here!)

This guy then reckons he thought I was someone else! Still, he says, it’s always nice to hear me (I should pay out for that sort of comment). I thank him and because I can’t think of anything else to say, comment on the pleasing weather – ‘It’s a good temperature for once…it’s been pretty cold, my hands have been in pain…it’s been pretty bad but it’s fine today, in fact I’m almost enjoying it…in fact, I AM enjoying it!’ He says ‘You look like you are!’ (and that’s a first).

The Laughing Woman comes up for a brief chat and laugh, then a break because I did two hours straight through. The hands were fine, just a bit cold at the end…it’s amazing how it slowly seeps through.

I went to Waterstones, but not for long as it didn’t take long to warm the hands. Before I left, I took a photo of the view from the seat at the window. Looking out, I can see the bike locked up on the railings around a tree. That’s how I can keep an eye on it. I went out, unlocked the bike, went to the cathedral grounds for the first time in ages and had an apple I almost forgot I had in the case. Whilst enjoying said apple, I observed the huge scaffolding next to the cathedral that they’re going to get a huge crane to hoist on top of the roof to repair it, as it’s hundreds of years old. It was on the news – the NATIONAL news at that! Big story from Winchester.

I set up near The Butter Cross and saw Ragtime Phillip for the first time in a long while, apart from when I saw him up the road hugging the woman not long ago. I was doing When I’m Sixty-Four and I was so relieved to see him walking towards me, I forgot the song and made a load of mistakes. I could hear him laughing! Apparently, he’d come through a bad patch which lasted a week – he’d had alot of saline, he said. He had a walking stick and he was shaking. He said ‘After 10 days in hospital, you appreciate a smile ’cause some of the nurses…can be pretty hard!’

He seemed cheerful enough and it was good to see him. I actually stopped playing and stood up for a bit – I had a break! When he went off I went into his favourite, the 5th Gnossienne, which I’d done down the road. I’m determined to get that back in the set. And then Phillip came back to say how great he thinks the piece is – ‘Like a turn of the century French…thing’, which is what he said before, I’m sure.

Later on, I did Purple Haze, and that Drongo – Stefan, who who wears the red pirate-ish headscarf, started dancing around – I think he’d had a few sherberts – to the great amusement of a couple of young blokes who were nearby, listening to me. All Drongos love Purple Haze. They’re all on it, I reckon. I ended up doing an hour and 20 at this spot, which put the total to 3 hours and 20 minutes – a long one. Last song – Yellow Bird, and the amp was dying. New batteries, please.

Earnings: £47.26p

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