Day 2307

Diary Of A Busker Day 2307 Tuesday February 6th 2024 Winchester High Street.
The tropical temperatures continue but it’s very windy. There’s no one at the top spot so it’s mine, all MINE! I got lucky quite early on when a woman bought BOTH books, which is a rare event. Trisha or Tasha was the lucky buyer. She’s over from the Isle Of Wight to meet her daughter. She was telling me about when she was in Zurich, where there was an event where they had about 400 buskers. I said she should come here on the weekends as there are about the same amount on the high street. 
Before I came out, I adjusted the truss rod on the guitar. Unfortunately, I adjusted it too much and the action was too high (any higher and it would need an oxygen mask) and it was difficult to play
After an hour and a bit, I was cold and needed the toilet so I came home…and I needed to sort the truss rod out on the Gretsch. I adjusted it just before I came out but I adjusted it too much and the action was too high (any higher and it would need an oxygen mask). Anyway, I had to sort it out and I didn’t have the Hex key with me so I could only do it at home.
Back to the top spot, toileted and maintenanced, I resumed…and the coinage is hard to come by; it usually dries up a bit when it gets a bit darker but you never know; someone could come along and pop a tenner in…but not today! 
Ten minutes before I packed in, there’s a drongo disturbance down the road a bit in The Pentice. Two men who I don’t recognise and a woman who I’ve seen about for years. She never speaks to me but smiles now and then. One of the blokes is especially loud and obnoxious and staggering about and looks like he’s going to hit the other one. They then calm down for a bit and sit on a bench opposite The Pentice…then there’s more shouting…then the louder more obnoxious one and the woman get up and come up the road…he looks at me, shouts ‘YOUR MUSIC IS SHIT!’, lunges towards me and is immediately pulled back by the woman, thank fuck. She drags him away – he can barely stand he’s so out of it. I bet she apologises next time I see her.

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