Day 2325

Diary Of A Busker Day 2325 Thursday March 14th 2024 Winchester High Street.
15 minutes into the set at the top spot and then the sound of the loudest thing I’ve ever heard comes from the building site opposite, courtesy of BVL Scaffolding. Fuck knows what it was as I couldn’t see anything. The only thing I can think of was the loudest hoover in the world, no, the universe. And then, after a few more minutes, it got even louder. Big Neil walked by and said ‘You’ve got some competition there.’ I asked if he could go in there and ask them to ‘quiet it down for a bit.’ 
Anyway, I couldn’t carry on so I packed up, loaded up the horse and went down the road, thinking I might set up at the crossroads but that was out because Meeta was there. Well, her harp was, she was nowhere in sight. 
So back up the road a bit and set up at one of my old haunts, in The Pentice opposite The Body Shop. In fact, it was probably the best spot as I had a bit of cover for when it started raining around the half hour mark. The case got a bit wet but the guitar and me were OK.
My old dancing bloke turned up and gave first, three pound coins and then after a dance, a fiver. Today he was joined by a bunch of foreign schoolboys, who’ve been around the whole week; they were quite generous to me the other day. They had a jig with him twice; first, when they were going towards the Buttercross and then again a few minutes later, when they were on the way back. I must frequent this spot more often as the acoustics are great because the street is quiet narrow so the buildings are much closer together than anywhere else on the high street. In fact, I even had to turn the volume down. Unheard of anywhere else!

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