Day 2328

Diary Of A Busker Day 2328 Wednesday March 20th 2024 Winchester High Street.
It’s weird the things that suddenly come into your mind. I was cycling down North Walls and thinking I hadn’t seen that awful shouting man, Gary Page, for months, and ten seconds later I hear a shouting and it’s him, on the pavement on the other side of the road going ‘Twangy-twang” and laughing. So he’s still about, unfortunately.
There’s no one at the top spot and it’s finally started to get warmer. I almost secured a CD sale after Cavatina but I let slip the fact that it’s not on any of the CDs, so that was the end of that. 
Graham came by and stopped to talk to a couple of acquaintances a few feet away and I was going to go into Robinson Crusoe but I thought I can’t keep going into his favourite song or he’ll think I’m expecting him to donate every time, so I did something else! 
Big Neil, the copper, came by and asked how I was doing. I said I was OK ‘but I’ll probably get hassled a minute after you’re gone’ and he said ‘Oh that reminds me, you haven’t seen Gary Page around, have you, ’cause he’s been banned from the city centre.’ ‘Well, actually, now you mention it…’

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