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Diary Of A Busker Day 526

TweetDiary Of A Busker Day 526 Thursday March 20th 2014 Chichester (The Cross, Time: 11:36am-1:37pm, 3:00-3:55pm). I thought I’d better come back here before my two month permit runs out. The last one I had, I never even used! …and I need to get out of Winchester, being a travellin’/wanderin’ minstrel and all that. Unfortunately, it’s rather cold and windy… Read more →

Diary Of A Busker Day 443

TweetDiary Of A Busker Day 443 Wednesday September 4th 2013 Chichester (1. In front of HSBC bank, The Cross, Time: 12:45-1:45pm, 2-3:15pm, 2. Opposite Lloyds bank, North Street, Time: 3:50-5:20pm). I don’t know what’s going on in Chichester – when I get to where I’m booked to play, there’s always someone there! Today it’s a young strummer (all strummers are… Read more →