Day 2374

  Diary Of A Busker Day 2374 Sunday May 19th 2024 Winchester.   ‘The Last Flight Of Billy Balloon’ says the old guy with the walking frame. He’s seen me loads of times before but never seen my newly vinyl LP (250 copies of which were delivered two days ago on my birthday) propped up in the gigbag.  ‘Oh yeah,… Read more →

Day 2372

  Diary Of A Busker Day 2372 Wednesday May 15th 2024 Southampton.   Looks like I picked the wrong day to go to Southampton…because every other bloody busker picked the same day. There’s father and son Harry and Harry with their endless Beatles renditions near the top of the street, Rob and his skeleton drummer down opposite the mall entrance… Read more →

Day 2367

Diary Of A Busker Day 2367 Thursday May 9th 2024.   A sunny day – the third in a row and I was toying with the idea of going to Reading but couldn’t face it in the end…so, into town…and the Buttercross is free but I don’t fancy it, so through the alleyway and to The Square but there’s a… Read more →

Day 2361

Diary Of A Busker Day 2361 Thursday May 2nd 2024 Winchester.   I’d been at the top spot for over an hour and had only two donations, totalling £2.10, when an American couple in their 70’s came by while I was playing Can’t Take My Eyes Off You and the man said, ‘that was our engagement song!’ and dropped a… Read more →

Day 2359

Diary Of A Busker Day 2359 Tuesday April 30th 2024 Chichester.   Looks like I picked the wrong day to go to Chichester. The problem definitely wasn’t the weather, which was more or less sunny and around 15 degrees. The problem was the coinage, which was nothing to write home about, and unusual for here.   I got here an… Read more →

Day 2354

Diary Of A Busker Day 2354 Thursday April 25th 2024 Winchester.   We’re back to 10 degrees or below so quite a cold day at The Buttercross. The sun was on me when I set up but I kept having to drag everything a foot or so to the right, as the shadow kept moving over me, which made it… Read more →