Diary Of A Busker Day 178

Diary Of A Busker Day 178 Thursday November 10th Winchester High Street (opposite Card Factory, Time: 1:30-3:32pm).

       I return after a week off busking – during which I travelled to a town called Ouistreham in Normandy at the invitation of a Beatles cover group/band to play some shows at a festival. So, “How was France?”, asks a (nameless) old guy regular – I spoke to him just before I went. “Yeah, very nice, and they looked after us very well – very nice people.” “Yes, I know, my daughter married one.” he says, walking off.

    It starts raining a bit but there’s still alot of blue sky, so I carry on – I don’t mind a few drops on the guitar – it’s only on the varnish and I can protect it a bit by leaning over…I don’t mind a bit of water – I’ve been on the ferry eleven hours this week. Anthony – 72 year old, budding guitarist/internet wife-seeking regular comes by. He too has oticed my absence. I tell him he’ll be missing me again – in December, as I’ve been invited by another “cabaret” outfit on a ten day excursion to northern India. “Really? I met a girl from India – Nepal.” says Anthony. I reckon he’s given up on the search for a Russian bride – he’s going further east.

      On my way back up the High Street I come across Frank, “accordioning” at the crossroads – that’s where Market Street crosses the High Street. He stops playing. I look in his hat – he’s got alot of silver. I ask him how he’s doing today. “Not that good. Not made much. What about you?” I say I’ve done OK – I’ve got the hourly average (£10), I think. “That’s more than me. Is that bloke with the bagpipes still up there?” He means a busker who I hadn’t seen before, at The Buttercross, when I came into town. “I think so, he had an old bagpipe, didn’t he? It only had two pipe things sticking out of it – not like some, that have more…not that I know anything about bagpipes!” This guy certainly looked the part – long straggly hair, beard (no kilt, though…or Scottish accent). Maybe he didn’t, after all. I say goodbye to Frank and he starts playing – something I recognise for once! – Que Sera Sera. Who says no one can ever tell what he’s playing?!

Earnings: £20.71p.

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