Diary Of A Busker Day 200

Diary Of A Busker Day 200 Friday February 24th 1. Romsey (market, Time: 10:20-1:30pm), 2 Winchester High Street (opposite Vodafone, Time: 5:30-6:25pm).
A strange thing – although practically all my busking is done in Winchester, the “landmark” days (Days 1, 100 and 200) seem to be outside. However, I haven’t been here in Romsey since early December, so it’s about time. Bertie, the ex-Winchester flowerman might have “a little job for you”. Oh yeah? “Yeah, I’m ‘avin’ a dinner party – just a few people around, y’know, thought it’d be good to ‘ave you there – play for ‘alf an hour, y’know – de de de, de deee (hums Third Man melody). I’ll bung you a few quid ‘ha much d’you go for?” “For an hour?” “Yeah, we’ll pick you up from Winchester, put you on the bus afterwards, ’cause we’ll ‘ave ‘ad (indicates drinking), y’know, a few. Say twenty, thirty quid?” “Um, twenty or thirty?” “Yeah, well…forty quid?” I’ve been turning down stuff for double that ( just because I’m buskind, doesn’t mean I’ll go for 2p) but as Bertie’s a good guy – I’m here, after all because of him – I reckon I’ll do it.
As I’m setting up, one of the market guys, a young guy, starts whistling The Third Man Theme – I’ve been missed! All during my set I get alot of compliments from the old folks (my “key target audience”, as they say): “It’s so nice to hear that music around here.”… “Suits me!” says one old lady, leaning right into me during Yellow Bird…”Cheering” – a man during Wheels…”Great!” – a woman who doesn’t contribute. After an hour and twenty minutes I stop, intending to get the bus back but after a break in the lawn outside the Abbey, where I count my money (a few pence short of £20, after the £6.10 bus fare – still worth coming here), I decide to do another set, which is a bit embarrassing as I’ve said goodbye to everyone – well, three people. On the way back, I read another pavement inscription – they’re all around here.
“Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am the thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow.”
On my return, Bertie says, “Hey, I’ve got a little job for you.” “What’s that?” “I’m ‘avin’ a dinner party, ha ha…” “What?, oh, I get it, deja vu – I’m here again! Yeah, well..I thought I’d do another half hour, or something.” I end up doing another three half hours – the last being interupted at five minute intervals by the noise of a digger coming out of a building site and dumping dirt in a van about 40 feet to my left. Everytime this happens I “down my tools” and wait two minutes for this digger to go back to the building site. During one of these breaks, I chat to a man, flat-capped, in his 60s who’s on his way to his workingmen’s club, where “They have great Amstell beer, marvellous…”
…a few hours later, back home, a lady in her 40s comes up after Albatross – “When I heard you play that, I just had to come over. I remember they played that at my parents wedding”, which just sounded a bit odd. I wanted to ask how she came to be at her parents wedding, perhaps she would have said “because they invited me.”
Earnings: Romsey: £32.18p (after taking off £6.10p – bus fare), Winchester: £7.51p, Total: £39.69p.

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