Diary Of A Busker Day 339

Diary Of A Busker Day 339 Sunday March 17th 2013 Winchester High Street, opposite Vodafone. Time: 4:35-5:10pm

A very short, end of the day session. Sunny but cold; my right thumb started to freeze after ten minutes. Shortly after, I see Maurice coming up the road on my right, as usual shouting something. Then he stops next to me, shouting, humming along to Wheels. I’ve already decided to pack it in after this and the next one, Yellow Bird; my G-tuning songs, due to my thumb. When I finish, I say hello – I get all the usual, hollered ‘HOW ARE YOU, MY BOY’ and anyone passing by gets ‘COME ON, GIVE HIM SOME MONEY!’ I know he means well but I’m not in the mood for it today!

I start into Yellow Bird and of course he starts wailing away and it really gets on my nerves. I mean, this isn’t a double-act! I stop after a minute and say ‘I can’t play with you singing, Maurice. No one gives me money if you’re doing that.’ He’s mortally wounded and apologises profusely and says he’ll stop. He didn’t mean to offend me, he says. Straight away I feel guilty that I’ve offended HIM. Oh dear. I try to lessen the blow by saying I was about to stop anyway, due to my thumb and besides, I have to meet Doll at the station at 5:30. He apologises again, saying I didn’t have to stop playing – I could have finished the song. (I just stopped, like the needle was abruptly lifted off a record). I say it again; I would have had to stop, anyway. He offers to drive me to the station but I say no thanks, I’m going to walk. Poor guy.

Earnings: £5.12

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