Diary Of A Busker Day 498

Diary Of A Busker Day 498 Tuesday January 21st 2014 Winchester (Opposite Vodafone, Time: 2:30-3:30pm).

A very cold day – at least I’m only going for an hour or so…so, I can take it!…I think. I’m not helped much, though, by some little girl, who, during the first song, shouts ‘What are you doing?!’, as she walks by with her mother. Silly little bitch. What does it look like I’m doing, you idiot child?

Actually, I start asking myself the same thing, when, after four songs, I’ve got only one donation. Then a weird thing happens. A guy walks past, then stops, feels in his pockets, comes back, donates and says ‘EVERYBODY appreciates good music’, and I’m thinking ‘maybe they do, it’s just that most of them won’t show it…in the way I want them to show it!’,  and the second I’m thinking that, I get FIVE donations for La Vie En Rose, making it Song Of The Day.

Time goes slow, though – it really is cold. It’s helped (a bit) by being distracted by a rather determined pigeon across the way, tearing the arse out of a two inch crust of bread. It does that funny thing that pigeons do: getting the piece in its beak and throwing it up in the air. It does it again and again and I’m thinking ‘Why do they do that? – it looks pointless’. Then I stop watching for a few minutes and when I look again, well, blow me, it’s reduced the whole piece to tiny bits and is getting the last few crumbs up. So that’s what it was doing – breaking the too-big piece up. Fascinating.

I just about manage one hour, but I couldn’t feel my right thumb, it was so cold. No wonder no one else was out playing, although Mandolin John walked past and waved. When I got home, I checked the weather website. It said 8 degrees but the wind made it feel like 5 degrees – yep, really cold. I think the rate of sympathy money was proportionately higher than usual, too.

Earnings: £14.59p

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