Diary Of A Busker Day 563

Diary Of A Busker Day 563 Sunday May 18th 2014 Winchester (1. Opposite Pavilion, Time: 3:17-4:47pm, 2. Opposite River Island, Time: 4:54-5:36pm).

Not one donation for 28 minutes. In fact, I was just about to pack up, thinking half an hour’s long enough to put up with this rubbish, when a kid donated, followed by an adult then another one. So I thought – ‘typical’, and decided to carry on.

Posh BrYan was at his usual spot. He didn’t speak to me this time and when I looked over a bit later, he’d gone. Ten motorcyclists turned up and parked outside the cathedral grounds entrance, a few yards to my right. They were so loud, I just stopped playing – I can’t compete with that! The drivers went off in the direction of the High Street and came back half an hour later, so I stopped again while they revved up and buggered off. They went down towards Gieves & Hawkes.

After an hour, I thought I’d pack up but after a quick count-up revealed about £15 – good for an hour – I decided to sit down again!…and then got barely anything for another half hour, which serves me right, I suppose. An hour and a half’s long enough (that Pavilion Bitch shut the door on me again), so I packed up and set up near Vodafone, just up from the usual spot. I thought I’d give the ice-cream vendor lady a break from me.

Christine walked by just before I set up. She asked if I thought I’d get some ‘stragglers’ at this time of the day: 5 o’clock, which was true, it was all there was left – the stragglers, and the odd Drongo…very quiet. It was alright, though: I must have got about £10 for just under 45 minutes – and the weather was fine. I think the weather, or rather, temperature in May is probably the best for playing outdoors.

Earnings: £29.31p (+ 40 euro cents)

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