Diary Of A Busker Day 615

Diary Of A Busker Day 615 Monday August 18th 2014 (1. Opposite Vodafone, Time: Sometime in the afternoon. Exact time not noted, but played 1 hour and 55 minutes 2. Opposite Bellis(?), Time: Afternoon. Precise time not noted, but played 35 minutes).

A stroke of luck which afforded me at least one donation. The second song in – Here Comes The Sun, and a couple on their 60’s come up. The man’s holding a CD of Abbey Road – ‘I’ve just bought it!’ My reply – ‘What an incredible coincidence!’ because it was.

I do 5 minutes short of 2 hours here and pack up when they start revving the vans to load the stuff up from the market, and it starts to rain. I had a toilet break and when I came out, a couple of CPSO’s were standing by the bike rail. One unzipped a pannier on one of the bikes and pulled out a long package and put it down his police vest thing. I wondered about this as the bike they took it from didn’t look like the usual Smith & Wesson bikes the police – even CPSO’s(!) use. Maybe it was a drugs bust, or they’d got a tip off. They then walked across and into Marks & Spencer.

As it was raining quite hard, I thought I’d kill some time at Waterstones, where I haven’t been for ages, mainly because I don’t need to warm up! The rain stopped 15 minutes later so I finished off with 35 minutes up the road and got £4.50p – not too good, so I packed up.

Earnings: £28.84p

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