Diary Of A Busker Day 655

Diary Of A Busker Day 655 Thursday October 23rd 2014 Winchester (Opposite Oxfam, Time: 1:55-3:01pm).

Once again, no wind and a temperature of a perfectly acceptable nature. Quite amazing for this time of year. There wasn’t much else to write home about, though…a few old people at one of the tables across the way were tapping their feet along to what I was playing for a good few minutes. One of the old guys in particular seemed to be enjoying it, and I thought ‘They’re bound to come over with some coinage’, but the next time I looked up, they were gone! Nothing! Bastards – old bastards at that.

Then, someone I hadn’t seen for awhile – it must have been the beginning of the summer at the Gieves & Hawkes spot. It was the bloke who gave me that little carved thing which I’ve still got on my keyring. He sat down on the bench – at least he acknowledged me, and I him, with a nod. He had a quite distinct walking stick with a large corkscrew-like top. I reckon he must have made it. I thought he might come over – I could have shown him I still had the thing he gave me – but he left after a few songs.

Posh BrYan walked by, in fact he sat on the same bench as the other guy. No posh coinage today. Two oriental girls, one in black hot pants (are they still called that in this day and age?) and long black socks (must be an oriental fashion: alot of them wear those), walked by, crossed the road and went into the shop that used to be TINC. And I wasn’t the only one looking: there were quite a few old blokes around – and alot older than me! – on the bench, and walking about, and they were all looking. Dirty old perves! And that was about as exciting as it got.

Coinage – very disappointing…

Earnings: £7.45p

I forgot to say, Frank was at The Butter Cross, and that bearded young guy from New Zealand was down the road, halfway to Vodafone.

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