Diary Of A Busker Day 660

Diary Of A Busker Day 660 Tuesday October 28th 2014 Winchester (1. Opposite Pavilion, Time: 2:15-3:35pm, 2. Opposite Vodafone, Time: 4:08-5:15pm).

At The Butter Cross it’s the guy from New Zealand, and Wimoweh, and he does a very funny – although I’m not sure it’s meant to be – high falsetto. In fact, I’ve never heard a man get that high! A bit further down – and he really should be alot further down as I can hear him really loud – is Young Sam, cashing in on poor Jack Bruce dying, doing Sunshine Of Your Love.

At Pavilion, Mr. Napier and Mr. Tate are suddenly standing in front of me. Mr. Napier tells me something funny. He asks me if they – he and Mr. Tate – look the same, as a woman had been talking to him for 5 years before she realised he wasn’t Mr. Tate!

…I secured a £5 note from two women sitting outside La Place Bistro, where Posh BrYan has his daily wine dosage…

After an hour and 15 minutes, during The Rain Song, a van with EUROPEAN written on it pulls up in front of me. This annoys me so I decide to pack up, and as I’m doing so, that girl singer/songwriter turns up. We start talking about busking, of course, because as far as I/we know, that’s all we’ve got in common. We talk about how mean some people are. She says she had some woman searching her bag and purse for ages, and in the end put a single penny in her case. I’m relieved it’s not just me it’s happened to!

After the toilet break I start setting up at Vodafone and experience the first of two offending incidents. First, that weird Scottish woman who was camped out next to me a few days ago, putting all the safety pins in her jacket. She stops and says something I can’t quite make out but it sounds like ‘My children are scared of you’, but I’m not sure, so I say, ‘Sorry, what was that?’ She says it again and this time it sounds like ‘Most children are scared of you’, and she walks off. (She’s got very yellow teeth, which scares ME). Well, all I can do is laugh, I mean, what’s all that about? I reckon there’s something wrong with her: to come up to someone you don’t even know and say something like that. I mean, even if most children ARE scared of me, why tell me?

Maybe – having it in her mind that I accused her of meaning to steal my bike the other day – she now feels she has the right to start some weird communication with me? Well, I don’t like her and if she does it again I’ll have to ask her to refrain from speaking to me.

Offensive moment No.2, and it’s two girls about 12 years old. They walk by looking at the bucket then stop at the crossroads a few feet away. They then have a rummage in their bags, occasionally turning to me to smile…they then stop rummaging and one attempts to chuck a coin into the bucket, but it misses it and I’m not having it. I say, ‘Now, come on girls, that’s not very good, is it. That doesn’t show a very good sign of respect, does it?’ One comes up, picks up the coin – a solitary PENNY –  and puts it in, then they walk off looking really REALLY embarrassed. And so they should.

Earnings: £32.09p

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