Diary Of A Busker Day 664

Diary Of A Busker Day 664 Sunday November 2nd 2014 Winchester (Opposite Vodafone, Time: 2:43-4:36pm).

A wet day…and a noisy one. I happen to set up opposite a stall set up by the Winchester Round Table people. Four blokes with very loud voices. (I seemed to have arrived during a break in the shouting). They were selling tickets for a charity fireworks evening to take place next weekend, so it was – ‘THREE POUNDS FOR A TICKET HERE, FIVE POUNDS AT THE DOOR! DON’T DISAPPOINT YOUR CHILDREN BY LEAVING IT TILL THE LAST MINUTE!’, and that was going on the whole time I was there. They were alright, though. Two came over and donated during the set. Maybe they felt sorry for practically drowning me out?!

Chrissie, the girl in the wheelchair (on crutches today) during the day of the assault, came by, asking if I was alright. She shook my hand (holding it out of compassion might be more accurate) and again let me know I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her. Scouser Chris, who I’ve been calling Mick, came by to request Wonderful Land and/or Apache, and then he held his umbrella over me while I did the former. He’d ‘been on the pop’, he said – ‘Sorry, I’m a bit…I’ve ‘ad a couple of sherberts and I’m on me way to O’Neill’s’. So he was about to have a few more ‘sherberts’. I told him I liked that expression – ‘a couple of sherberts’. He said ‘a couple of sherberts…a good northern saying’.

I told Chris about me leaving the guitar on the train and how it was unbelievable they couldn’t phone a guard to make sure it was safe. He said ‘Well, it’s done now. The main thing is it’s marvellous you got it back. Just think about that bit’, and he’s right, I suppose…but it’s still crazy they couldn’t phone a guard!

I had to pull the stuff back a couple of times as the rain built up a bit, and had a 10 minute break near the end, but the coinage was OK: slightly above the average. It’s getting cold, though. After packing up, as I walked past the Round Table blokes who were also packing up, I said ‘Bye’, and one said ‘See you next week!’, and I thought ‘You bloody well won’t, you loud buggers!’

Earnings: £22.94p

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