Month: July 2023

Day 2198

Day 2198 Wednesday July 19th 2023 Southampton, Above Bar Street It was high time I laid the ghost of my horrendous busking debut in Southampton to rest. After all, 13 years is a long time to carry something like that around with you. It’s now time to find out if it was the town that was crap or just me… Read more →

Day 2194

    Day 2194 Saturday July 15th 2023 The Buttercross, Winchester High Street I stupidly windy day, so much I have to keep my right foot on the end of the case so it doesn’t blow away, which means I have to lean forward a bit, resulting in some musical casualties such as Cavatina, which breaks down because I’m concentrating… Read more →

Day 2184

Day 2184 Thursday June 29th 2023 Chichester   There’s a police van with a table of leaflets in front of The Cross and a singer/strummer up North Street so I’ve got no choice in the matter. East Street it is – and very rare for me to start up there. I’m beset with technical gremlins; the amp keeps going silent… Read more →