Day 2265

Diary Of A Busker Day 2265 Tuesday November 14th 2023 Southampton city centre
Down near Bargate there seems to be a circus and Christmas market being set up: there’s a constant noise like a generator and a forklift truck which starts beeping when the bloke puts it in reverse. I’ll see how long I can bear it!…well, I bore it for the length of one song, Albatross. The bloke started moving chalets around so there was a BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP every time he lifted the chalets and reversed and he was moving one towards where I was so that was it, I packed up in record time and buggered off!
It wasn’t a bad idea, as I needed the bog, so I nipped into West Quay where, oddly enough, the toilets were open because half the time they’re shut and we all have to trundle up to the ones on the dining area on Level 4. 
Back outside, I set up opposite the West Quay entrance…and it’s bloody windy, which means I MIGHT just be able to play an hour. A few minutes after I start, there’s a bit of excitement. In the middle of the street – so, in between the shopping mall entrance and me, there are two people – a young man and woman, with football gear on. There’s a photographer and several people filming with their phones. According to their shirts, the bloke’s Holgate and she’s Peake. I strain my eyes and they’ve got Saints kit on. They provide a distraction from the cold…and I hope they appreciate The Third Man Theme as the’re background music. It’s interesting that hardly anyone asks for their autographs, they mainly want to pose for photos with the famous (I’m assuming) football stars. 
I did OK, as I lasted a half hour longer than I predicted. I definitely have to stop when the triplets bit in the Tales Of The Unexpected Theme is nigh impossible to play because of the cold.

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