Month: December 2023

Day 2290

Diary Of A Busker Day 2290 Saturday December 23rd 2023 Winchester High Street     Like yesterday, the centre was chock-a-block with buskers so I ended up (like yesterday) down near the bottom of the high street. Opposite me are four or five food stalls – South American, Asian, Korean and one I forget. Yesterday, the money was nothing to… Read more →

Day 2288

  Diary Of A Busker Day 2288 Thursday December 21st 2023 The Square, Winchester.   A mild day – 12 degrees, but very windy so I’ve got to have my foot on the end of the gigbag pretty much the whole time. During The Third Man a couple walk by. She says “Makes you want to dance, don’t it?” He… Read more →

Day 2285

  Diary Of A Busker Day 2285 Sunday December 17th 2023 The Buttercross/Market Street, Winchester.   The long haired strummer bloke who stands up is in between Jewry Street and the Buttercross. He’s got a tobacco Gretsch; quite nice but not as nice as my new one in Cadillac Green!   Amazingly, for a Sunday before Christmas, there’s no one… Read more →

Day 2276

Day 2276 Sunday December 3rd 2023 Salisbury Market Square/Salisbury Christmas Market   I was supposed to play two hours – from 2-4, but Sally the organiser, contacted me the day before to ask if I could start earlier due to the two blokes who were on before me, cancelling their spot from 12-2, so I said I’d get there for… Read more →