Day 2305

Diary Of A Busker Day 2305 Saturday February 3rd 2024 Winchester High Street.
Typical Saturday with loads of peopleoids about and a few people playing, including a bloke with a white cowboy hat and weird 4 string guitar at the Buttercross and Meeta at her usual place down at the crossroads (I think she should pay rent on that spot).
I started the same place I started yesterday, opposite the Syrian cuisine bloke and I’m pleased to say he’s doing much better than yesterday. 
I had some offenders in the form of three adolescent boys come by. One made like he was putting a coin in then opened his hand to reveal nothing. I said ‘Oh that’s very funny, now clear off.’
I was there an hour. It was enough because the odour of the food stalls, in particular the Syrian one, became quite overpowering, I couldn’t bear it! 
No real break, no toilet visit, just up Market Street and the country bloke is at The Square so I’m thinking The Buttercross is free but when I get there, there’s a really loud alarm going off – maybe that’s why the bloke left. There are a couple of teenage boys near the monument with some small speakers and other equipment. I went up to them and asked if they were doing something there. 
‘Yeah, we were until that thing went off.’
‘Oh well, good luck, I’m going up there’, meaning up near Jewry Street.
The alarm was so loud, it didn’t seem to diminish as I was walking away from it and I was just about out of earshot of it when I got to where I was going to set up, opposite Hammond’s Passage, and then someone killed it, thank fuck. I did an hour and a half; the temperature was fine – around 12 degrees, like yesterday, but after that long, the cold definitely creeps in and an hour and a half is long enough. I had a good finish; as I was 
packing up, a man gave me a tenner, which is always an amazing event. 

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