Day 2306

Diary Of A Busker Day 2306 Sunday February 4th 2024 Winchester High Street.
I thought it had stopped drizzling but I could feel it starting again, ever so slightly on the way in but it was so slight and almost unnoticeable, I decided to proceed with the proceedings. 
The top spot was taken by those two boys from yesterday and Meeta was again down at her usual crossroads, home away from home, so I bombed back up to Jewry Street. The trouble is, even though the drizzle was so slight, after a few minutes, the guitar was covered in these tiny drops of water. 
Sara from up the road came by and asked if there was a chance of electrocution. I said I’d often thought about that but I didn’t think so as I’m not plugged in to a power outlet, it’s just a small battery-powered amp. Oh well, I might find out one of these days. Fortunately, the drizzle stopped after twenty minutes after an hour or so, the guitar had dried off. Thank goodness for thick varnish!
I was put off my playing in a big way during Life On Mars? which is one of the more difficult ones and I really have to concentrate. Anyway, some little toddler brat on a bike started yelping extremely loudly and totally messed up my concentration and I had to start the intro three times before I could go into the rest and it was hard work, with this little cunt yelping every
three seconds – ‘ARP ARP AHH! AHH YELP YELP, ARRR ARP!’ He was with his parents and they were walking so slowly, it took almost the whole song before they got to the crossing up at Southgate Street and every three seconds this piercing noise from this little cunt was driving me nuts and I was thinking JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU LITTLE CUNT!!!
I was delayed leaving by a few minutes when a man waylayed me – he’d seen my bike.
‘Do you know, they say you’ll have to have a license and registration for your bike?’
‘No, I din’t know that.’
‘Yeah, cos of bikes going through red lights and that. Yeah, you’ll have to register it and get a license plate.’
‘Well, when I was in Canada years ago, I had to get a little strip with a number on it and put it on my bike, a registration number in case it was stolen. But where did you hear about this thing?’
‘Some bloke from London told me.’
‘Oh right…well maybe that’s just for London.’
‘Yeah, cos they’re all nutters up there. I was doin’ a job up there with another bloke; never met ‘im before, an’ ‘ee ‘ad a van and’ we did some work an’ at the end of the day, ‘ee says “Right, I’m goin’ to that pub over there, then I’m stayin’ at me nan’s up the road” an’ I says, “what d’you mean, you’re goin’ to the pub then stayin’ at yer nan’s? What am I supposed to do?” An ‘ee says “I don’t care. You can stay in the van if you like; kip there…do what you want, but I’m off to the pub” an’ ‘ee just left me.’

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