Day 2347

Diary Of A Busker Day 2347 Tuesday April 16th 2024 Chichester.
First day back in Chichester for months and the Chichester debut for the newly-acquired Gretsch Streamliner in fetching Torino Green. It’s a distinctly louder guitar than the Electromatic so quite good for places bigger than Winchester, and especially at The Cross, as it’s the meeting place for all the roads. 
During the first number, Albatross, an old woman comes up and says ‘That was played at my husband’s funeral…and we finished with The Muppets!’ Well, that’s a good contrast if there ever was one.
A man loiters about and I don’t like the look of him – he’s got a drongo-ish manner; dishevelled appearance and a somewhat aggressive look on his face and I’m thinking ‘come on, mate, I haven’t been here for months, please don’t give me any agro,’ He walks off and I’m quite relieved, then he turns around, looks at me and starts walking back and I’m thinking ‘right, here we go.’ Anyway, he gets to me, reaches in his pocket, pulls out a wallet and puts a tenner in the case! Don’t judge a book, etc..
Frances from the council turned up and it was embarrassing because she knew my name but I forgot hers! So it was ‘Hello Marvin’ and then ‘Oh, hello…umm.’ ‘Frances.’ ‘Oh of course, Frances.’
‘Is that a new guitar?’
‘Yes, it is, does it sound alright? I’m still testing it out.’
‘Sounds fine, yes.’
‘Oh that’s good…Frances.’
Anyway, apparently the council is going to be handing over the busking rotor and arrangements to her team so I won’t have to phone them up anymore, not that I’d been bothering to do that for ages now. She also asked if I could play here on Friday at the Farmer’s Market so I said I should be able to. So that’ll be twice this week the good citizens will be blessed with my presence.
I got here a bit late so I did 2 1/2 hours straight through, packed up, had my packed lunch of peanut butter and sandwich spread sandwiches (on different pieces of bread), then off to the cafe on North Street for a cup of coffee and a warm up – it’s around 14 degrees so it’s not cold but after a few hours and at my age…
Coinage-wise, I’d done pretty good AND I’d sold four CDs and I was thinking of heading back after the cafe but decided to do another hour at The Cross. A very posh older man came up – ‘You remember I asked you in Winchester if you knew the beginning of Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix?’ 
‘Oh yes, I’m sorry I haven’t learnt it yet…it’s something like (I play something like it).’
”Yes, something like that. Very kind of you.  And you know, I’ve always thought when the backing singers come in, they lend a somewhat…elegance…a smoothness to the rawness of Hendrix’s playing.’
‘Actually, I think you’re right. In fact, it makes it a pop record. I think there are women doing it, I’m not sure. They did that with Dark Side Of The Moon, lots of women singing, made it much more sort of “poppy” sounding, and did them a lot of good.’
‘Yes, probably black, too.’
‘Anyway, awfully good to see you again and keep it up.’
As for the new Torino Green guitar, it doesn’t go as well with my boots as the 
Cadillac Green Electromatic…but who gives a fuck?!

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