Day 2382

Diary Of A Busker Day 2382 Friday June 1st 2024 Toronto “Cowanation”
Not just a train ride away, but a train ride, coach ride and seven hours on a plane away. A family visit to Canada – the first in nine years – just happened to coincide with Cowanation, the annual jumble sale on Cowan Avenue in Toronto, where the road is closed to traffic and everyone tries to sell what they don’t want, in front of their houses.
I arrived the night before and set up lunchtime outside my brother Steven and his partner Holly’s house. I did three hours straight through, took an hour and a bit off and then did another hour and a half.
Halfway through, a man came up and said he was to do with some event in Toronto in August and asked if I’d like to play. I gave him my card then asked if he’d be willing to pay for me to come over. He said he wouldn’t so I asked for me card back – I said he could take a photo of it instead! Anyway, if he reconsiders, he knows how to get hold of me. 
I did well. I made $203.15, which is £159.48. A Golden Day indeed! I sold 4 CDs and a book, had a lot of people say nice things to me and got two videos out of it, to boot…and for once didn’t have to worry about any rain. 

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