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Day 2276

Day 2276 Sunday December 3rd 2023 Salisbury Market Square/Salisbury Christmas Market   I was supposed to play two hours – from 2-4, but Sally the organiser, contacted me the day before to ask if I could start earlier due to the two blokes who were on before me, cancelling their spot from 12-2, so I said I’d get there for… Read more →

Day 2270

Day 2270 Wednesday November 22nd 2023 Winchester High Street   Dean Dyson is at the Buttercross and there’s the bloke with his cap and scarf mobile at the crossroads, almost on the spot outside Starbucks so I opt out for a spot across from that, which, thinking about it, I’ve never been before.    Two old regulars – a couple,… Read more →

Day 2265

Diary Of A Busker Day 2265 Tuesday November 14th 2023 Southampton city centre   Down near Bargate there seems to be a circus and Christmas market being set up: there’s a constant noise like a generator and a forklift truck which starts beeping when the bloke puts it in reverse. I’ll see how long I can bear it!…well, I bore… Read more →

So: To Speak Festival

        Marvin is a guitarist and lyricist who has received numerous awards for his work; his song, ‘Beautiful Balloon’, achieved 1st prize in the Music Innovation Category by Fatea Magazine in 2009, and he was awarded the Gold Artist Award from Radio Gets Wild in 2010. He is also a successful blogger, known for his ongoing work… Read more →

Diary Of A Busker-The First 100 Days-The First 1 Days Audio

    If you are about to download Marvin’s ebook “Diary Of A Busker – The First 100 Days” available from Amazon by clicking here  then you might be interested in hearing Marvin reading out the first ten days.. Simply click the triangular play button below Marvin B Naylor Reads Diary Of A Busker the first 10 days      … Read more →


  You can now buy a Kindle version of Marvin B Naylor’s – Diary Of A Busker – The First 100 Days direct from Amazon for your Kindle, Iphone, Ipad or your computer. To go straight to the page on Amazon simply click here. Diary Of A Busker – The First 100 Days is available world wide via Amazon.   If you… Read more →