Diary Of A Busker Day 302

Diary Of A Busker Day 302 Monday November 5th Winchester High Street (opposite Vodafone, Time: 2:15-3:30pm).

Before I set up, I chat to Chris – the peaked-capped RAC man who stands just up a bit from where I am. He asks me how it’s going – and I tell him: that I’ve had enough of this busking lark, the idiots that come up and ruin my day, the cold weather – that’s really coming along now, but especially the idiots – like the guy the other day who swore at me and thought I was a millionaire – “you live on that house on the hill!” Chris says that’s just part of the ‘street life’ and I should just ignore them. He has a theory – “I was thinking about it and I thought ‘there must be a common denominator’ and I thought ‘what do all these ne’er do wells have in common?’, and d’you know what it is? None of them are happy. They don’t like themselves, they’re unhappy with their lives. All of them, that’s why they’re like that. So I don’t feel hatred or anything like that. I just feel pity for them.” Interesting.
I set up and play, and start with something I haven’t played in ages – years even! Chet’s arrangement of Swedish Rhapsody. I gave up doing it because of this damned hand thing but have just seen a load of Claes Neeb videos and there’s one of him doing it – a great performance, too. I can also see how the very beginning goes, which was a bit of a mystery – I couldn’t quite work it out although I’d got most of it. But now I know! So I’ve resurrected it. Also, it’s a very ‘cheery’ number – something I need a few more of. In fact it’s all got a bit sombre recently, what with Ne Me Quitte Pas, Requerdos, While My Guitar, and all in A minor, too. Hmm, must be my saddest key. In this respect, I must disagree with the Honourable Mr. Tufnell’s assertion of his D minor. To each his own saddest key, I reckon.
Swedish Rhapsody goes OK, apart from the end – what them old bluegrass banjoists call the ‘shave and a haircut’, but it makes a 4 year old dance around for, say, 15 seconds. Therefor it’s Song Of The Day, although it gathers no coinage from the parent or anyone else.
Like the other day, I can barely play after half an hour…but ‘soldier’ on! At the end, as I’m packing up, Chris comes by – “Had enough?” “Yeah – of everything. I’m too old for all this – it’s too cold!” He ponders…”Hm…what you need is a positive mental attitude – PMA.” “A positive mental attitude? What – is that going to make it warmer?!”

Earnings:£5.17p + 1 cd.

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