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Diary Of A Busker Day 398

TweetDiary Of A Busker Day 398 Saturday July 6th Winchester High Street (1. Opposite Bellis, Time: 12:55-2:22pm, 2. Opposite Vodafone, Time: 2:30-2:48pm, 3. Opposite Bellis/O2 Time: 3:25-3:59pm, 4. Opposite Vodafone, Time: 4:55-5:55pm). It’s the dreaded crap Hat Fair – there’ll be millions of people about but the son and heir says I shouldn’t go in because the High Street will… Read more →

Diary Of A Busker Day 256

TweetDiary Of A Busker Day 256 Saturday July 7th 2012 Winchester High Street 1. Opposite Oxfam, Time: 3:29-3:31pm, 2. Fire Exit – Debenhams, Time: 3:42-4:47pm, 3. Opposite Bellis, Time: 5:07-5:21pm It’s the first day of two, of the annual Winchester event, the Hat Fair, the (so-called) “celebration” of street theatre,” so there are a lot of people about, a lot… Read more →