Diary Of A Busker Day 185

Diary Of A Busker Day 185 Friday December 2nd Romsey Market, Time: 10:30-12:30pm.

       I missed my last bi-monthly visit (to this fair market town), so return I must, but it’s a cold day.  Before I start, Bertie the flowerman puts in a request – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly – in fact, all three. So, for the first time and possibly last, I begin with that one. His mate who runs one of the other stalls loves it. Berie comes up a bit later with another request – Einstein A-Go-Go, which I’m sure I’ve heard but don’t know it. No problem – he sings it to me…and I’m able to pick it up (being a pro) – he loves it. I’ll look into it, maybe.

    A lady comes by with a little girl – her grandaughter, I reckon. The little girl dances to Yellow Bird. Her moves, or move consists of thrusting her stomach out at me, along to the music. I think her grandma’s a bit embarrassed, she says: “Oh! That’s not dancing!” It’s funny, that’s for sure, so I step it up with Wheels – quite a jolly pace, that one. Her dancing’s even more funny now – so funny I forget about the cold for a minute or two.  At the end, I ask her name. “Hannah Poppins!” “Well, I like your dancing – how old are you?” “Twenty-three!” “Twenty-three?!” Her granny whispers something to her. “I’m almost two!” she says. Her granny whispers again. “Goodbye!”, she says.

     At 12:30 I stop – my hands are red and purple and I’m making alot of mistakes – just losing concentration, generally. Two hours is long enough, anyway! I get the 12:50 (X66) bus back to Winchester. One the way out of town, I see a sign outside the Bishops Blaize pub;  On November 19th they had The Sock Monkees playing and this month they’ve got Rocket Dogs. Same old thing – groups names; an animal preceeded by an adjective. I think of some variations; Sock Dogs, Rocket Monkees…Rocket Socks, Monkee Dogs – I like that one. When I get home, my hands are still red, purple and tingling, weirdly enough. I’ve never been so pleased at the prospect of doing the dishes, in all that hot water.

  Earnings: £29.89p Expenses: £6.10p – bus, Profit: £23:79p.

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